Wyatt Russell (Wiki): Wyatt Russell’s Net Worth, Early Life, Career and All Other Info

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Introduction of Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell is an American star American nationalist who works hard in the field of acting. One more reason for his popularity is as an ice hockey player; he plays many matches in different ice hockey leagues of America. In acting, Russell does many blockbuster films and appears as a star in the sky of the Hollywood industry. He also took part in the television industry too. He serves in the Hollywood industry as a producer, too; he produces many films and tv dramas.

Russell’s names shine in some of the wealthiest Hollywood stars. All of his wealth is his dedication, professionalism, and hard work as an actor and sportsman. He earns approximately a net worth of $4 million in 2021.

You know the main headlines of Wyatt Russel’s life; now it’s time to dig down in Wyatt Russell a little bit more. Russel was born on 10th July 1986 in an American city. (Los Angeles, California, USA). Russel is the child of two famous actors in the Hollywood industry. The name of his parents is Kert Russell (FATHER) and (Goldie Hawn (MOTHER).  His full name is Wyatt Hawn Russell. Russell is six feet and two inches tall man (1.88 meters). Some names of his famous movies are Overload, and Everybody wants some!

Early-age of Wyatt Russell’s life

From the start of his school life, Russell has shown his keen interest in sports. In sports, he likes to play ice hockey. His father noticed his likeness in sports, and he was admitted and enrolled in the regional child leagues at the early stage of his life. He was only four years old when he played the first ice hockey match. When his school life ended, he got admission id the University of Alabama for graduation. His interest in ice hockey increased in the university, and he took practice measures to be known as a hockey player. At university, he played as a backup goalkeeper for the university team.

Wyatt Russell wanted to be a professional sportsman, but he could not survive in sports. While playing an ice hockey match, he got a very severe injury. The injury is very intense, and the injury forced Russell to quit ice hockey which is his life dream. Before the injury, he plays ice hockey for a very long time. He was a professional hocky player; he is famous in Los Angeles as a prominent ice hockey player.           

How is Wyatt Russell’s family life going?

Russell got married to a pretty woman name Meredith Hangner on 31st August 2019. Meredith Hagner in Hyatt Russell second wife. Meredith Hagner was born in North Carolina, United States of America. She is also a professional actress. Her work in movies Search Party (The release year 2016), Hits (Release year 2014), and His followers well appreciate his role in  Irrational Man (Release in 2015).

Russell’s first wife was Sanne Hammers. They got married on 14th May 2014. Unfortunately, this relationship with Sanne Hammers was not successful. They got divorced after five years on 3rd November 2017.

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How many children does Russell have?

Russell and Meredith Hagner engaged in December 2018, after nearly half a year later, both got married in May 2019. Russell announced in November 2020 that his wife expected a baby boy. His son was born in March 2021. The name of his only baby boy is Buddy Prine Russell. Russell and his wife were delighted to have Buddy Prine. So far, they have only one child.    

How did Russell begin his career?

Wyatt Russell has wanted to be a hockey player since his childhood. But unfortunately, things do not align with his wishes. He started playing hockey from his childhood. He chased his hockey player passion with him and worked hard for the sport. At university, he plays many matches from “University of Alabama” as a reserved goalkeeper. After that, he played for many leagues by following his passion. In his hockey player career, he earns a lot of fame and money. Hockey playing career contributed a significant role in building his net worth. He played hockey for the following leagues in the USA:

  • Chicago Steel
  • Coquitlam Express
  • Brampton Capitals
  • Richmond Sockeyes

After starting as a reserve goalkeeper at the university level, he performs his duty as a full-time goalkeeper for Brampton Capitals. He got famous for his incredible performance in the league. After that, he joined to Netherland’s club “Groningen Grizzlies” in 2009. He earns huge money from his whole hockey player career. At the peak of his career, he got injured from an unfortunate incident. Due to this injury, he couldn’t continue his ice hockey career and ended as a hockey player.  


How Wyatt Russell became an actor from a sportsman?

After the injury from sports, he quit hockey but did not quit his hope, dedication, and commitment. In 2010 he started a new life with a new career. He now put his feet in an acting career, which suits him well, and in a blink of a movement, he became a star sportsman to a star actor. Although he affirms himself a star hockey player, he played many acting roles in different movies and dramas along with his playing career. For example, he played his first acting role at the age of ten years. At this time, he performs in “Escape from L.A” as an actor. He made his name shine in the drama industry of the USA by playing a role named “Soldier.” With his acting career, he played vital roles in many other dramas.

When he starts acting as a career, he performs in movies with his father. He performs in many types of films. Some genres of his movies are:

  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Adventure

His career as an actor included so many great movies some names of the film are:

  • The Falcon and the will
  • Overlord
  • The Woman in the Window
  • 22 Jump Street
  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers
  • Lodge 49
  • Black Mirror
  • And much more

What is Wyatt Russell’s net worth?

With the help of his career as a sportsman and then a full-time actor, he made a lot of money. As of the current year-2021, Wyatt Russell’s net worth is $ 4millions. Along with his total net worth, he also made fame and respect in the hollywood industry.


Wyatt Russell was an enthusiastic hockey player; he did not take a sportsman career for a long time. He became a full-time actor. Wyatt Russel’s net worth is four million U.S. dollars. Russell did two marriages and had one child. He is with his family enjoying his life.

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