How to Get Rid of Spider Mites? The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Spider Mites

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Spider mites are tiny spiders. These types of spiders come on outdoor plants. Plants which we have grown for the beauty of our house these spider mites go and start to eat them and all the plants look too dull. When the leaf of your plant appears yellow and brown spots, it is sure there are spider mites. It is necessary to kill them. Otherwise, they damage your inside and outside plants. You can use stream water to kill the spider mites. You have to use neem oil to kill them, or you can use the pesticide.

What are spider mites?

Spider mites are also a type of pests. These spider mites are too small. You cannot see them easily even you can’t be able to identify them. These mites have eight legs and are small as tiny things. Spider mites belong to the arachnid family of insects. Spider mites are in different colors like green, red, yellow, or maybe brown. These mites are live under the leaves. Leaves have some dust; actually, it’s not the dust. If you look very briefly, you realize it’s not dust. It’s moving, and yes, these are the spider mites. Female spider mites are more extended than male spider mites.

How to identify spider mites?

When you feel your leaves of the plants are not growing up and the leaves are in a yellow and brown shade, you must have to sure these are tiny spider mites. Spider mites damage your plant and make it dirty. spider mites create their web in the leaves to protect themselves and their eggs. Identifying these mites is too tricky to their size.

The environment required for spider mites

Spider mites live in a dry and warm environment. When you throw water on any plant, spider mites can’t survive in such an environment. They mostly live in those plants which are outside of the house. They create their web in the plants and start to live in dry plants.

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Life of spider mites

Spider mites have a life cycle of five stages. Some spider mites may have slight differences in their life cycle. The stages of spider mites life is given below:

· Eggs

Every adult female spider mites give about 100 eggs in a week. They provide the eggs within a dry environment under the leaves. If the egg is fertilized, it gives the female spider mites; if the egg is unfertilized then it gives the male spider mite.

· Larva

When eggs complete their time, it becomes the six-legged larvae and starts feeding. They usually feed the plants. As time passes they grow up and begin to change their color into spots.

· Nymph

This stage is the completion of the process of spider creation. When the larva has eaten much food
Which is needed, then they become inactive and start to develop eigh legged spider mites.

· Deutonymph

After the nymph process deutonymph process starts, in the process, spider mites eat full of their food and inactive two spot spider mites.

· Adult

After all process, the spider mites are now adults. Adult males are smaller than females. Adult spider mites are more active, and they get ready to lay eggs in some days. The process of the spider mites creates in five days or a maximum in 20 days. The spider mites go to the other plants through the clothes and shoes of any person.

How to get rid of spider mites

Spider mites are not found easily. If you identify them, you have to control them in the very first stage. If spider mites are in large quantities, then it’s hard to manage them. If any plant is damaged with spider mites, you have to take some protected steps.

1. Neem oil

Neem oil is a natural remedy for protecting plants and leaves. this is the best and long-term solution for the removal of spider mites. Take neam oil in the bottle and spray on the affected plants.

2. Water spry

You have to water spry on the plants daily cause these spider mites do not live in the wet area and can’t survive in the cold; they only live in dry plants.

3. Clean up your plants

Spider mites like the dust and dirty environment when your plant is dusty o the mites make their webs in that plant’s leave. You should properly check out the plants outside or inside of the house and make them clean on a daily basis. If any spider mite makes the web in the plant, you can easily break it.

4. Use insecticides

If the spider mites are large in quantity, you can use insecticide to remove them. You also try to use any natural insecticides. All the spider mites can be removed easily by hand or showering.

5. Homemade remedy

You can use your homemade remedies to avoid your plants. You use a soap into the bottle and add some water to it. Use this spry daily in the evening and also in the morning.

6. Chemical use

Chemicals can destroy plants. Spider mites are not a severe type of insect that can’t be killed. So avoid using any chemicals.

7. Make humidity up

Spider mites like to live in dry areas if you keep your plant’s area humidity always spray your plants to avoid the spider mites.

FAQ about spider mites

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