Asian Street Fashion: Everything You Need To Know about Asian Street Fashion

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Asian street fashion is developing day by day; with time, men, women, and children, street fashion is getting unique. Asia’s street fashion is also gaining popularity in other continents; it is gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation of these countries. In this article, we are going to discuss what Asian street fashion is are? We can answer this question if we look at big Asian country’s style, like South Korean, Chinese, and Japanese street fashion. We also put some light on the things by which we can differentiate in different Asian street fashion. Now we are discussing the street fashion of different Asian countries:

Asian Street Fashion

Asians has a unique kind of street fashion style. Their street fashion is very diversified. Japanese street fashion dresses are generally looked at in major urban cities of Japan. In these urban cities Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ginza are more prominent. The street fashion that can be seen on Japan’s streets is a mixture of local and asian street fashion styles.

The different brands attract customers throughout the world. Besides the global brands, some local streetwear brands also got the customers’ attraction. The categories of streetwear within asian are below:

  • Lolita
  • Ganguro
  • Visual Kei
  • Kimono Style
  • Etc.

Now we learn in detail about some of these Japanese styles.

Lolita street Fashion

Lolita street fashion style is commonly worn by urban areas women. It is a distinct style of Fashion. The central metropolitan area in which Lolita streetwear is seen is Harajuku. These dresses are mostly very modern and lavish because they are designed in a very modern way. In this dress, a large skirt is worn with a petticoat.  On the top of this large dress amount of trimmed lace is used without any restrain. In this streetwear, many layers of clothes are used. Lolita did not look complete without the use of extra pair of clothing. In which thigh-high lace socks, shoes of Mary Jane, and headbands are very commonly used with Lolita style.

Lolita style has more categories which can easily be seen on the street of Harajuku. These subcategories are given below:

  • Gothic Streetwear Style
  • Classic Fashion Style
  • Sweet Streetwear Style

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Ganguro Street Fashion

Ganguro street fashion style gained popularity in Gyaru fashion style; the year when Ganguro is papular is back in 2000. This is a unique fashion style. In which women mostly wear flashy-colored garments. Flashy colors are used to make short skirts, and many check patterns are also printed on clothes. The exciting thing about fashion style is that many fake accessories are used with these cloth styles. In which following accessories are most used.

  • Fake Eye Lashes
  • Fake Fingernails
  • Fake Colors
  • Fake Hair

Kimono style

In the Kimono style, we see traditional Japanese culture and dress style. The influence of Japanese tradition can easily see in these street fashion styles. This conventional street fashion style is prevalent in Japan. Due to this, the Kimono style continuously shifts from the older generation to the newer generation. Although this style is ancient, many developments can also be seen over time. As a result of this development, we can see a mixture of traditional and modern Asian styles.

Asian Street Fashion Style: Korean Street Fashion

Due to the rise of K-pop and its fame on international media, Korean street fashion style getting fame day by day. As of the success of male and female K-pop Groups, many people are accepting this fashion style. A lot of fashion designers take inspiration from the Korean street fashion style.

This is what is happening on the international side. If we want to understand Korean streetwear trends better, we must look closely at the fashion trends of Seoul, Korea.

The primary inspiration of Korean street fashion comes from hip hop. In this fashion style, massive and oversized clothes can be seen on both males and females in the Korean streets. Women of Korea can be easily annoyed when someone wears K-pop fashion in a non-original style. In traditional Korean street fashion, the women’s chest is covered well, but in recent days, the women want to look modernized so, they compromise and show some of their skin, which looks in style, it contains shoulder of the top are a little bit off in top wears.

Interestingly, in modern Korean street style, that kind of women’s clothes are getting more acceptance in which miniskirts and short shorts are used. Some Korean Street fashion did not get rid of the traditional modesty, these women use hidden skorts, or hidden shorts use with the shorts.

Asian Street Fashion Style: Chinese Street Fashion

Tik Tok has changed the fashion style of Chinese streetwear in the summer of 2020. The videos that are made in this time portray that men and women are real-life models. Men and women are doing catwalks and making slow-motion videos in the streets. If anybody sees them making videos and walking in the street, they get common thought that these people come into real life from magazine front pages. These videos gained so much fame and popularity that the echo of these street fashions can easily hear in the style of international audiences. Although Chinese streetwear is very diversified, and there is not any prominent street style emerge. But one thing that we can easily assume by seeing street fashion of China is that on the clothes of Chinese streetwear designer brand name and the logo identity of Chinese brand are more visible. The most popular brands that can easily be seen In the Streets of China are below:

  • Louis Buitton Jacket
  • Supreme bag
  • Gucci Sweatpants
  • Versace sandals


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