Can minimally invasive spine surgery provide you with any benefits?  

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About three decades ago, spine surgery was associated with long cuts, longer recoveries, and unpredicted outcomes. The spine surgery became more predictable with better imaging tests like CT Scans, MRIs, and techniques like minimally invasive spine surgery including shockwave therapy in chronic pain. The surgery and meditation improved with time. The surgeries for the problems like single-level disk herniation-focused spinal stenosis and spinal instability were successful.   

Healthcare providers use X-rays, and imaging tests and small incisions have become common. Surgeons use this technique to minimize post-operative scarring and improve higher outcomes. Most surgery goals of minimal spine surgery of early recovery, lower complication rates, avoid late instabilities are achieved. Complete Medical Wellness offers minimally invasive spine surgery nj.  

Suppose you live in New Jersey and experiencing severe or debilitating pain in your middle or lower back. Surgery becomes the last option after medication, rest, and other non-surgical treatments have not worked. A minimally invasive spine surgery followed by physical therapies and rehabilitation. Our team of care providers, assistants, and surgeons perform surgery of both the techniques, such as minimally invasive and traditional open surgery.  

Depending on the conditions of back pain, the spine specialist discusses the options and determines the best-suited option for you.   

Traditional spine surgery   

Surgeons completely expose the spinal anatomy in traditional spine surgery. The surgeon opens the operating sites with a long incision to view the exact spinal anatomy.  

Minimally invasive spine surgery   

It is a surgical technique the type of surgery that involves small incisions and no opening manipulation.   

It will also reduce the recovery time and the pain caused by surgery. Another advantage of minimally invasive surgery is its expenses are less than traditional surgery. In this type of surgery, a hospital stay is usually unnecessary as it is performed on an outpatient basis. But we know that every patient and their condition is not similar. The operating cost also varies. So, it is significant to discuss the matter with your surgeon.  

Spinal cord pinched nerve symptoms.  

Suppose you apply excess pressure on nerves through pressing tissues, cartilage, tendons, or muscles. The whole condition results in different symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness because of the discontinuation of nerve functions.  

You can have a pinched nerve anywhere in your body. If it is present in the lower spine, it can increase unnecessary pressure on nerve roots and make pain radiate down to the legs.  

Generally, patients with pinched nerves recover with the conservative technique after some days or weeks. If conventional methods do not work, you may require surgery.   

Spine surgery types   

There are different forms of spine surgeries. The most advanced options for minimally invasive spine surgery that Complete Medical Wellness offers are   

Anterior Lumbar interbody fusion   

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion   

Cervical posterior foraminotomy   

Lumbar Epidural steroid injection  

Dekompressor discectomy   

Cervical epidural Steroid Injection   


Lumbar Corpectomy   

Lumbar Disc Microsurgery   

Lumbar transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection   

Lumbar Interbody Fusion   

Spinal fusion   

Transforaminal Lumbar inter-body fusion   

Sacroiliac Joint steroid injection   

Trigger point injections  

Cervical Facet Radiofrequency   

Facet Joint Injections  

Spinal Cord stimulator implant   

Medial Branch block   

Depending upon your spinal requirements, the spine surgeon from complete medical wellness brings you the best possible treatment and helps you get back to your routine life activities.  

Recovery time for Spinal surgery   

Recovery time for any surgical treatment depends on   

Your health conditions   

The severity of the disease or problem.  

Recovery time differs from person to person, But the recovery time of the patients of minimally invasive surgery is less than the open surgical methods.  

Benefits of minimally invasive surgery  

With minimally invasive spine surgery, there are a lot of benefits associated with it. The spine specialists help you recover early from lumbar spine pain, pain in other spinal parts, spinal stenosis, and other nerve issues.   

Modern and advanced surgical procedures have become more successful. The benefits of these techniques include  

Eliminate the potential for human error  

Short procedure time   

Shorter hospital stays.  

Faster recovery.  

Minimal scarring, tissue damages  

Smaller incision   

Improved workability.  

Reduced exposure to radiation   

Minimized post-operative pain   

Reduce nerve damage.  

Increase implant accuracy like spine screws  

With all these spine surgery benefits, spine specialists from Complete Medical Wellness are world-renowned. After getting treatment from our spine specialists, you will return to normal activities with little pain.   

The neuro-spine specialist Dr. John Shiau, MD, helps you with spinal stenoses, such as sciatica, back, neck injuries, and herniated discs with other spinal conditions. We are the most experienced in the field of neuro-spine surgery.  

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Olivia Rodriguez
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