Why are Schools Emphasizing Personalized Learning? Is it a Magic Wand?

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Does one sock fit all? 

No, right? Similarly, a single learning pattern is not compatible with every student’s mind since every individual has their own pace of learning. Thus, personalized learning is a perfect approach being adopted by educational institutions to fit every student’s learning ability.

Really? How? 

In Short, the teacher doesn’t deliver the same lecture to the entire class and in fact, mentors every student one at a time. The learning pattern is tailored as per each student’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests. 

More About Personalized Learning 

As mentioned earlier, kids have varied learning methods. Thus, teachers that emphasize personalized learning for students prepare individual learning plans based on their students’ abilities, skills, and more.

Be it offline or virtual learning; teachers ensure that students are demonstrating the skills they are expected to adopt, and they are entirely engaged in what they do and how they perform. 

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The Working Mechanism of Personalized Learning 

Personalized learning, if followed accurately, no two methods will look alike. However, listed below are the four primary methods adopted by schools or educational institutions for injecting personalized learning into their students: 

  • Learner Profiles

Learner’s profiles are all about maintaining a record that includes a deep understanding of how the students perform, their progress, strengths, weaknesses, etc. These profiles are much more than a report card that incorporates a detailed overview of a student’s performance.

Moreover, these profiles not only help teachers to prepare their lessons, but enable students to keep track of their progress. 

  • Competency-Based Development

This approach adopted by schools or teachers keeps a constant check on students to monitor if they’re on the accurate path to achieving the desired goals or not. In addition, this model enables teachers and students to acquire a clear understanding of what concepts are to be revised or emphasized and others that have been mastered. 

Students are given a chance to work on multiple competencies; for instance, they can move on to the next subject or set of skills when they master one. The goal that is to be achieved via this model is not to get good grades but to enable constant and quality learning. 

  • Personalized Learning Patterns

Many schools or teachers work on building personalized or customized learning patterns that are compatible with the student’s abilities to absorb the information or knowledge. 

Each student’s schedule is likely to be unique, with a mix-and-match of multiple learning methodologies. 

  • Flexible Learning

The flexible learning approach is adopted by schools looking forward to adapting to students’ dynamic requirements to reshape the learning environment. 

Building a Personalized Learning Mobile App: Is It Worth It? 

Since education has now moved online, it is best to develop an app that lets students prioritize learning on their conditions and skills. 

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Take a look at some of the best benefits offered by the approach: 

  • Enhanced Engagement

Learning is much more engaging and fun when the content is accurate and as per one’s interests! 

Undoubtedly, a learner is more likely to resonate and relate with the topic of the subject when the information lies between the boundaries of passion. 

  • Saves Time

Personalized learning saves a lot of time that otherwise had to be invested in understanding a new subject or topic. Teachers eliminate the topics that do not intrigue students based on their choices and build programs that are compatible with their interests. 

  • Higher Retention and Learning Results

According to studies, personalized learning has recorded improved learning results and higher retention amongst students, and we are now very much familiar with the reason behind the same. 

In a Nutshell 

Indeed, personalized learning improves learning outcomes and enables a better understanding of the concepts. Now that these apps are in the tremendous limelight, entrepreneurs are emphasizing the idea of developing the same for their business and acquiring higher profits. 

What’s more? 

These applications can also be leveraged with technologies like AR/VR, AI, etc., for improved performance and efficient education delivery. 

What do you think? 

You’re just one step away from scheduling a consultation with a top-notch mobile app development company in US, and you’ll be all set to build an app that will help your business skyrocket! 

So, how about getting started?

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