What to know About Brace Removal And After Braces Dental Care?

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Finally, the moment has arrived. You will be separated from those braces in the coming days. It would be much more convenient to rinse your mouth, brush, and floss your teeth now that they are free. Most notably, you’ll finally smile with confidence, but that doesn’t mean that the treatment is over.

According to one of the experts of ceramic braces in Kaneohe, the thought of taking off braces can be a source of nervousness for most patients because, in most cases, it doesn’t go as expected – regardless of whether you were wearing ceramic or wired ones.

But complications are relatively rare as an orthodontist makes certain that the treatment is successful. Still, some doubts are normal to pop up in the mind that we have well-tried to clear up through this blog. Take a look:

Does it Hurt To Get Braces off?

Will it hurt? Well, not that exactly. Most patients don’t sense anything wrong when getting their braces off. But it doesn’t mean that it is entirely painless. Some dental procedures are accompanied by certain discomforts. Therefore, you can expect some soreness around your teeth and gums after the brackets are removed. But it is normal. Your teeth release the pressure once braces are taken out.

Since braces are no longer holding the teeth, the entire jaw will be a bit sensitive for a few days. To avoid pain, doctors may also recommend over-the-counter medication. However, there would be almost no pain if you had kept wearing invisible braces (also known as Invisalign).

Should you remove your braces yourself?

A big no! A licensed orthodontist must be the only person to perform this role. Especially if there are wire braces on your teeth, they can be safely removed only by a skilled person with the right equipment at hand. You can run into a severe health disaster if you attempt to take off your braces by yourself.

In several cases, people have been seen unintentionally ingesting brace pieces or having their gums injured by sharp edges. Brackets and broken elements of braces can be swallowed or inhaled. Consequently, a medical emergency can strike.

Your Braces Are Off, Now What?
Every patient with braces dreams of the day when they will finally be free from wires and retainers. There will be some noticeable differences between your before and after appearances. But it isn’t over now. There are only a few things left to do, and you must be prepared.

1. Follow-Up Appointments

The removal of braces comes with some extra care. Your orthodontist from Kaneohe may suggest that you keep visiting the clinic for a few days more if something is still not right. After the treatment is completed, the dental expert will inspect the teeth to ensure proper alignment. In some cases, they may suggest additional treatment to ensure the smile is achieved as promised by the doctor to the patient.

2. Retention: The Final Phase

The time after the removal of your braces is acknowledged as the “retention phase” in dental terminology. It is a moment when the teeth, jaw, and gums try to retain a new position. But to ensure they don’t reverse to their original position, an orthodontist may recommend wearing retainers hereafter.

After the removal of the braces, in the first few weeks, the condition must be strictly followed. Otherwise, teeth naturally reposition themselves where they originally were. While teeth do move as a human age, retainers can be advised to lessen the chances of a substantial movement.

3. Dental cleaning after braces

After having your braces removed, you may be required to schedule an appointment with your doctor to have your teeth properly cleaned. The leftover food particles and stains from brackets may have discolored parts of your teeth. Thus, it is worthwhile to get them cleaned to ensure you don’t have to fake that you are really happy.

However, if your teeth are discolored, there could be another reason, and only a doctor can tell you whether you should get more checkups or take some preventative measures at home. The issue commonly doesn’t arrive with experienced Kaneohe clear braces dentists as cleaning can be done by the wearer themselves.

4. A little slimy tooth after treatment!

After the successful completion of the orthodontic treatment, a substantial difference can be seen in your smile before and after. However, depending upon the individual, and their condition, these results may vary. You must change your bite habits until your teeth are properly set. You must alter your biting power. Sensations are obviously natural and will gradually fade and finally disappear after a few weeks. So there’s no need to be concerned.


When a patient is brought to an orthodontist in Kaneohe, some important things are carried out. This includes an initial examination to estimate how long a treatment will take. However, by what date your dental issue will be resolved is unclear. It heavily depends on how your body responds to the dental procedure. To learn more, we would suggest consulting with a nearby orthodontist with all your queries and doubts regarding the procedure.

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Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez
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