Machine Embroidery Meets Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Do you ever see a beautifully drafted item and suppose, “ That’s gorgeous! I wish I could make it. ” That’s how I ’ve felt about exaggerated crucial fobs. They look so majestic. They make cute zipper pulls. You can indeed use them as gift markers. But they always sounded too complicated to make. Let me explain my trip from “ I wish ” to “ I did it! ”

My First Embroidery Machine

Machine embroidery isn’t new to me. In fact, I enjoy 2 Brother embroidery machines. I bought my first machine further than 15 times gone . My mama and I had been remonstrating around the idea for some time. also, one day, we took a trip to Walmart together. We had seen the Family PE 150 announced and decided to go check it out. However, “ check it out ” means to see if they actually had it in stock, If you ’re anything like us. Well, they did. So that day we walked out of the store with not one, but TWO embroidery machines one for my mama and one for me.

At First

I used my machine frequently. I ’d add names to robes and make ensigns for our business shirts. Making badges was always one of my favorite effects to work on. Bodying gifts came so easy, pleasurable, and professional looking. My hubby surprised me with a more advanced Family machine for our anniversary one time. I used it a couple of times, but was a little bullied. Like utmost new “ toys ” the novelty wore off and my interest shifted to other types of casting. Know about Vector Art Services

A New Crafting Love

In 2016 I was introduced to the Cricut Cattle bug and Explore machines. It was love at first sight! My casting game changed and now my focus was everything Cricut. Iron on and vinyl crafts snappily came my pets. I was making cards, bodying vases, and labeling ALL THE effects. The whole time, my embroidery machine sat, unused and untouched.


I ’d also begun using faux leather with my Cricut. My daughters loved getting new curvatures. My sisters enjoyed adding the lip attar holders I made for them to their key rings. I indeed designed my own patterns for mini sanitizer sacks. As I browsed Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and patterns to use with dummy leather, exaggerated crucial fobs caught my attention. I loved the ornamental detail of the satin aches. But I just couldn’t wrap my mind around completing one of these “ in the circle ” systems. I bought patterns, but was unmotivated to try them.

Combining Machine Embroidery and Cricut Casting

In early 2020, I lost my beautiful mama , my craft chum, the original Casting Queen. My sisters and I divided her casting inventories and sewing machines between the 7 of us. This is when my interest in machine embroidery began to resurface. You see, among the effects I entered was my mama ’s original PE150 embroidery machine. My heart was stirred as I reflected and flashed back us copping our machines together. That’s when I was determined to learn how to make those crucial fobs. I guess I kind of felt like it would be a great homage to my mama to learn commodity that would extend the use of her nearly-new machine.


I joined Creative Fabrica. My original purpose was to pierce digital backgrounds and plates to use in my content creation. Little did I know that I was in for a treat! As I browsed the point, I came across “ Embroidery. ” And what do you suppose I set up? That’s right! I set up designs for crucial fobs. This was it! I knew it was time to learn and use this new skill. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services

With that determination, I searched YouTube and colorful websites trying to find the stylish tutorials. It took lower than an hour for me to understand what had sounded so complicated before. Plus I set up a way to incorporate iron- on vinyl with machine embroidery. That’s why I want to partake with you how easy it can be to make a substantiated paw print crucial fob.

How to make the Paw publish Key Fob

  • inventories and Accoutrements
  • Dummy leather or vinyl( available on Amazon or in craft stores)
  • Fabric for the reverse of your crucial fob( I like to use denim or analogous fabrics)
  • Light- weight stabilizer
  • Thread( your choice of color)
  • Thread snips
  • Fabric scissors
  • Plastic snap or fabric cement
  • crucial ring
  • Paw publish Key Fob digital design( If the needed train format for your machine is n’t available, dispatch the Creative Fabrica support and they will help!)
  • Embroidery machine
  • HTV vinyl( iron on, available in utmost craft stores)
  • Cricut, Silhouette, or other electronic slice machine
  • Heat press or iron( I like the Easy Press Mini for small systems)
  • Diploma paper or Teflon distance
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