Various Kinds of Lacquered Engineered Flooring That You Should Know About

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Interiors matter the most when it comes to the vibe and ambience of a place. Be it the high-end restaurants, cafes, showrooms or even your house, everyone wants a place that looks cosy, elegant and comfortable all at once. Every little detail matters, starting from the walls to the furniture to the flooring. The kind of material used, the colour used or even the designs and the patterns all put a great impact on creating the look of a place. In recent years one can witness tremendous growth in lacquered engineered flooring and spc flooring in UK.

Unfinished engineered flooring too has a great look and is used majorly in areas which demand high end flooring. The lacquered engineered flooring requires a little more maintenance than the other ordinary floorings due to its delicate and expensive look.
There are numerous cleaning agents available in the market or online which will serve the purpose of cleaning your delicate floors with utmost care and protection.

These spc flooring UK, lacquered engineered flooring, etc are easily available either offline or even online from various websites across the UK such as Floorsave. If you are someone who wants to know the types of flooring available and their suitability, then this is the perfect article for you. The subsequent paragraphs will help you in making the right choice for your home, showroom, café or any area that you wish to get floored.

Soft shade of oak:

The soft shade of oak is the most loved and widely used colour and pattern that is used in areas which require a fresh space such as outdoor dining areas, terrace garden areas, etc. This shade due to its subtle colour and design wins the heart of many and gives a more soothing and relaxing environment.
This shade of lacquered engineered flooring is used in relatively warmer areas as this colour and pattern provides one with a soothing and cooling vibe. The soft shades are meant to provide a cooling and relaxing effect to the mind which would have otherwise been exaggerated due to warmer colours.
This unfinished engineered flooring is usually installed in the space decorated with LED lights to help in further lighting the area and creating an illusion of an expanded area without much effort.

Dark walnut shade

The dark walnut shade gives a classier and more mysterious look to the area that it has been fitted in. It also gives a different vibe to the area such as a more compact and aesthetic one. Usually fitted in indoor areas such as the dining area, the kitchen, the balcony, etc, the colour of the flooring makes it relatively easier to manage than those with soft and subtle colours. This lacquered engineered flooring is available in various patterns and is heat resistant as well.

It is also commonly used in hotel rooms, resorts and places which demand a warm and cosy look. You might have noticed that hotel rooms in areas with cold climates have dark walnut unfinished engineered flooring to lend a warm and compact look. This dark coloured flooring is also easily manageable provided that an adequate amount of quality floor cleaner is being used in order to clean the floors. Yellow LED lights combined with dark oak flooring make the best combination for a fancy resort.

Painswick engineered oak

This Painswick engineered oak is usually grey and provides a very compact yet spacious look to the place that it has been floored into. The shades vary from off-white to grey and are usually used in homes in the living room or the drawing room.

As they require more maintenance, they cannot be used in an area where there is too much traffic. Therefore, it best suits the areas with low social activity but a more aesthetic view. These lacquered engineered flooring, when combined with white or any subtle coloured LED light, provides the best combination.

Summing Up

There are numerous colours and patterns available in these lacquered engineered flooring, unfinished engineered flooring, etc. But, as every place has a vibe, so have these colours and patterns as well. Choosing the right colour and right pattern for your floor will not only amplify the look of the area but at the same time will also add to the ambience of the place.

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