Types of Glass Cabinets and Their Uses

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Be it the jewellery showroom that you recently visited or the nearby retail store, those showcases and glass display cabinets might have no doubt impressed you a lot. The display counters of these showrooms are designed in such a way that they reflect the light falling on them thus making the items placed on them look bright and lustrous. These retail displays, jewellery cabinets, etc. installed today in most of the showrooms can either be brought online or offline from various stores across UK. These retail displays and display counters come in various customized sizes according to your need and choice.

You can easily get them designed according to your needs. A few jewellery cabinets and glass display cabinets also have colourful lights attached to them which make it convenient for you to change them item and the lights which suit them accordingly. You can buy them across the UK at any online store such as Glass Cabinets Direct, etc or even at any offline store nearby.

Here are A Few Types of Cabinets and Their Uses.

Counters and Corner Cabinets

Available with the strong aluminum frames and toughened glasses to safely keep even your heavy items as well, these are one of those cabinets which can be easily spotted in any nearby showroom that you visit. These cabinets have the unique capacity of handling heavy weight easily due to its toughened quality and increased protection with the aluminum frames. Mostly used to display expensive items such jewellery sets and e- cigs, these glass display cabinets come in various shapes and sizes to fulfill your needs. They can be customized as well in order to perfectly fit the requirements of the customers. You can get these counter and corner cabinets customized with the choice of your LED light easily in order to increase the ambience of your showroom and the beauty of the items placed.

Tall Display Cabinets

Want an accurate setup to display taller items such as trophies, designer LED lights, Vapour lamp, etc.? Then you must go for installing these tall display cabinets in your showrooms. These tall glass display cabinets are available in various coloured glasses in customizable LED lights too. Strong and durable, these display cabinets are must haves in showrooms featuring jewelleries oritems which require a perfect ambience and enough space for projection. These display cabinets come with the added benefit of lockable doors which makes them theft and burglary proof. Dust and dirt too are no more a concern with the feature of lockable doors and glossy laminate finish. So, if you are the one looking for a strong, spacious and safe glass display unit to showcase your expensive items, go for this one without giving a second thought.

Glass Cube Cabinets

Available in square or rectangular compartments which customizable sizes, these are the best-in-class jewellery cabinets. Available in separate square or rectangular boxes, these are the most appropriate cabinets for showcasing single jewellery sets which doesn’t needs to be opened too frequently. Being light in weight, these can be transported and placed from one place to another without much hassle. These glass cube cabinets usually do not come with LED lights, but can be customized with the light of the choice according to the customer’s needs and requirements. So, it you are the one looking for showcasing and highlighting a single product very specifically, this is the perfect glass cabinet for you.

Combination Cabinets

These cabinets usually come in a group of combinations including square and rectangular retail displays and can be customized according to the requirements. These are the retail display units and can be installed near the entrance are of the showrooms depending upon the structure of the room and the adjoining cabinets. The combinations sets usually com with LED lights pre- installed and lockable door and toughened glass in order to increase the safety and security of the items kept near the entrance area.

Summing Up

There are numerous glass display cabinets toady in the market and these retail displays have become the very basic necessity of any showroom that you own. This article has some of the curated, best and extensively used jewellery cabinets and retail displays available in the market. Choose the right one for you and the them ordered either online or offline at very cheap and genuine prices.

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