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After the release of the Toradora season on Netflix in 2020, the hope for Toradora season 2 again starts taking a breath. After Netflix’s re-release of season one, Toradora season two’s in might be possible. Toradora is famous anime series of 2008. In this story lead character is Tyuji, who is a brave man with a soft heart. Ryuji is a young man who starts to take an interest in a small girl Taiga. Taiga is also a young girl, but she loses her temper in a short time, and her attitude is also not so decent.

The whole story is based on encouragement for each other.  At the final stage, both confess the genuine feeling that Tyuji and Tiag have for each other. This is a short story of season 1, which gained immense popularity among the fans. This season ended in 2008; from 2008, the fans of Toradora are waiting for season 2. Is there any season 2 that will be released or not? All you want to know about season 2 is given below:

Toradora season 1

The base reason for making Toradora season 1 comes from a novel series; the name of the novel series is also Toradora. YUYUKO Takemiya writes Toradora’s novel. Yasu is an artist who changes this written novel into a visual illustration. In March 2006, the first volume of this series was published for the common viewer. After the publishing of the first novel total of ten more books came into the market. The last volume which hit the market was in March 2009.  By watching the popularity of this novel, the novel was published in different ways. It prints as manga series, it also airs on the internet radio, and the television anime version also aired.  Yuyuko Takemiya did write a spin-off L.N., which comprised only one of three volumes till 2010.

Is Toradora season 2 will come on the screens?

Since the release of Toradora season 1 back in 2008, it’s been passed 12 years, the die heart audience of this season is still waiting for Toradora season 2 release nearly a decade later. The first season of this series appears on the screen of Japanese television from October 2008 to March 2009. Toradora gets so much fame during this tenure; even it is the most popular series of the decade. His fans’ response is remarkable; the fan following is limited to Japan only, but Toradora fans are from around the world. J.C. Staff Studio did not make any other anime series that was so successful as Toradora. Fans of Toradora get a surprised OAV chapter, which releases in 2011. But this is the last chapter that releases to the date. The demand for Toradora season two is getting higher day by day, but after 2011 fans did not hear anything about season two.

The production of anime series in the past, present, or even future is started to promote source material.  The fans of the anime series get these serials in a different medium; sometimes, anime series come with light novels, some adapted series manga, or games. But with the end of the manga, the source material for advertisement is not left. Because anime series is dependent on the source material for the generation of revenue, If the content is finished, the chances of the sequel of these series in future are reduced. Very few anime series are present, which get serialization of their show despite source material ends.

The future of Toradora Season two depends on the source material, which is finished by now. But despite of end of source material, Toradora production studio J.C Staff is never said that the season is finished, or never admired that the sequel in the form of Toradora season 2 is in production or will be released in the future.  Toradora’s production studios did not give any news about any new project related to Toradora season 1. This situation is very frightening for the fans of Toradora, and not it be scary for the fans of this series; they wait for the sequel of the series for more than one decade. Despite all the fane’s concern, there is no assurance that the sequel of this series is made or not.

Did Netflix play any role in the making of Toradora Season 2?

In 2020, when Netflix re-release this series from its platform. The fame of Toradora reaches to new Hight of fame. Netflix makes Toradora fans happy who watched this series in 2008. Along with the old fans, many new viewers watched this series on the streaming platform Netflix. Toradora’s reach now is much more extended. The release of Toradora on Netflix and surveys based on social media show that the rom-com anime series is more popular than in 2008.

With the increasing reach of Toradora season 1 and the increase of fan following of the anime series. The demand for the sequel of the series increased with more pressure. In present days fans of Toradora started different companies to bring back the sequel of the season. They took practical measures, so in the effort, fans of this anime series sign petitions to bring back the season. Today, with social media’s power, fans show their interest, and demand for the sequel gets louder. It is the best time for Netflix to pick up this anime series and make Toradora season 2. Looking at the hype of this anime series, original studios J.C Staff should have to make the sequel of the Toradora. If anybody decides to make this series’s sequel, the producer of season two must make a whole new story of Toradora Season 2, in connection with season one.

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FAQ about Toradora

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