Top NGO in India: Which NGO is Doing Good Work in India?

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Over the past few decades, India’s non-governmental organisations have grown and been reinforced by their good deeds. Non-Governmental Organisations are essential to a nation’s growth and the establishment of democracy. They provide assistance to those who are less fortunate in society. Furthermore, they organise several initiatives for social change and advocate for and support environmental and human rights causes.

Top NGOs in India

Several NGOs are working for the betterment of society. Here is the list of NGO in India which are working on the ground level to bring change in our country. 

Save the Children

Save the Children, the best NGO in India for children’s rights operates in 16 states. Since beginning their effort in 2004 under the name “Bal Raksha Bharat,” they have changed the lives of more than 12.4 million kids by March 2022. While managing multiple projects across India, they work with numerous government agencies, civil society organisations, and community members. Health and nutrition, education, child protection, humanitarian aid, disaster risk reduction, and child poverty are its five key priority areas.

Save the Children, a famous NGO in India, works on the ground in India and throughout the world every day, particularly during emergencies. Their innovative programmes cater to the special requirements of children, offering them a good beginning in life, the chance to get educated, and safety from harm. They are among the first to react in times of crisis and the last to leave. They are the children’s vocal advocates, ensuring their concerns are given top priority, and their voices are heard. As a result, they tackle the most difficult problems for the children who are the hardest to reach, especially those who are unfairly left out of the world’s advancement, drawing on a century of unrivalled knowledge.

Sankalp Voluntary Organisation

Sankalp Voluntary Organisation was established in India in 1994 to bring about positive change in the society. If you desire to volunteer at a famous NGO in India that will benefit society, you are welcome to apply. With a view to serving a more focused demographic in many sectors, the organisation is actively involved in the socioeconomic and cultural development of the society, especially for the rural poor and in needy children and women.

Through volunteer opportunities with Sankalp, you may assist orphanages, schools, and small towns in India as a responsible traveller by improving childcare and advancing education. The organisation aims to make the biggest difference by actively helping people through volunteer opportunities that give underprivileged communities an opportunity for a fresh start and a better future.

Care India

This famous NGO in India seeks to build community capacity to empower marginalised women and girls. They provide innovative solutions to challenging development concerns with their long-term and comprehensive healthcare, livelihood, schooling, and disaster relief & resilience projects. With a focus on eradicating social injustice and poverty, CARE has been active in India for more than 70 years. They accomplish this through carefully thought-out and all-encompassing programmes in livelihoods, health, education, and catastrophe planning and response. Their overarching objective is the development of the lives and means of subsistence of women and girls from poor and marginalised areas.

Moreover, they offer solutions at scale to multiple stakeholders by utilising internal expertise, a strong network of connections, and access to the worldwide confederation of specialists.

Myna Mahila Foundation

The Myna Mahila Foundation (MMF) is an Indian organisation that empowers women by promoting conversation about taboo topics like menstruation and by organising workshops to make inexpensive sanitary products so that girls can continue their education.

In Mumbai’s slums, the Myna Mahila Foundation provides sanitary pads while hiring local women to make them. In addition to being economically priced, these pads greatly improve menstrual hygiene. The organisation strives to advance women’s networks, employ women, and improve menstrual hygiene and health. In addition, Myna has created a safe space in the neighbourhood where women may speak openly about the issues they face.

These top NGOs in India have considerably helped to address several pressing problems in our country, including the undereducation of children. For instance, one of India’s biggest non-governmental organisations and the best NGO in India, Save the Children, routinely works to create a better environment for children with your assistance.

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