Top 6 Reasons to Team Build at the Escape Games

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Yes, we all agree that finding the perfect team-building activity for your team can be pretty challenging. But did you know that you can make your team-building activities much more immersive and exciting for your teams with the help of escape rooms now? 

Arranging for your team to participate in a virtual escape game session or an in-house escape room adventure at the Hourglass Escapes can be a perfect way out! These games will help your team possess collaborative skills, time management abilities, and much more. But, if you still doubt the vitality of escape games in helping you build a strong team, here are the top 6 reasons that will be enough to convince you: 

  1. Exposes the strengths and weaknesses of your team members 

The one you envisioned as a good leader seems to be great at solving puzzles! You may even discover how the usually introverted team member happens to be the most creative in solving complicated problems. In this way, these games help bring out every player’s strengths and weaknesses.  

  1. Enhances communication 

Every player needs to communicate their discoveries, thoughts, and opinions with the rest of the team and decide their plan of action together. You can quickly complete the challenges in the game when every member communicates efficiently with each other instead of hiding away. In this way, these games establish an unbroken line of communication within the team! 

  1. Improves problem-solving abilities 

Escape games are filled with numerous tricky puzzles that your team needs to solve at the given moment. In these games, no player can come prepared earlier. Instead, these games are all about solving tricky challenges at the moment. Therefore, these games will help your team to enhance their problem-solving abilities in real-time. 

  1. Boosts collaboration  

Escape rooms are team games that rely much on your collaborative skills. Players must work together to achieve the shared goal instead of trying to play it all by themselves. All your team members need to give equal efforts in solving different tricky riddles in the game. While some secrets do not require more than players to solve, others might call for more than one member to come together and try to solve them conjointly. Hence, playing escape games can help your team to boost their collaborative potential! 

  1. Enhances time management skills 

Escape room games are time-bound games that offer players only a specific time to solve the game. Most games usually take about an hour, and players need to escape the room. Therefore, time is immensely precious inside the escape room games. Your team needs to remain cautious in making judicious use of the time that they have in their hands.  

Ensure that none of your team members waste their time trying to make sense of one riddle for too long. Hence, playing escape games can help your team inculcate the vitality of time management skills inquisitively! 

  1. It brings out the leader in you! 

You need to cover every little area in the escape room in time, and for that, you need to have someone to distribute the tasks to your all. In this manner, escape games help bring out natural leaders in your team, who can be good in leading the team to victory! These games bring out one person in your group who is excellent at taking charge and directing the team in their tasks.  

Going through these top six reasons may have convinced you that escape games are one of the best team-building activities you can ever choose for your team. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let your team try out an immersive escape room activity!  

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abdul waheed
abdul waheed
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