Top 5 tips for ecommerce app development

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Online shopping has become an emerging trend across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has bought a change in consumer shopping habits. With no shops open and people battling long queues, online retailers gained momentum. The pandemic’s aftermath had a powerful impact on the retail sector. People purchased everything from clothes to groceries from online retailers.

To develop an effective ecommerce application for your store that drives web traffic and leads to conversions, it is paramount to know what you want and how will you measure the business outcome. You need to determine business objectives by evaluating how much web traffic is pulled toward the online store and what is the present conversion rate. Ecommerce app plays a crucial role in your online success. Hence, it is important to enlist core features and functionalities that the ecommerce app development should comprise of.

Here are 5 tips to consider for developing your ecommerce app:

1. Exclusive Design Components

It’s no wonder that modern day consumers are demanding superior quality ecommerce apps like Amazon, Adidas, and Walmart. Some of the prime examples of exclusive design components to add to your ecommerce app development are dark themes, voice interface, micro animations, gradients, 3D graphics, augmented reality, passwordless login, and bottom navigation. The next stage is opting for an appropriate platform for your app. Whether it is iOS, Android, or PWA, that you require for your application.

It all depends on the territory you operate from, the financial position of your business, and the merchandise that you offer. Testing your ecommerce app is the most important task for ensuring the success of your application. Before launching, you need to examine the significant parameters of your applications such as browser compatibility, design & navigation components, mobile responsiveness, payment mode functionality, and integration abilities.

2. Effortless registration and check-out process –

The registration process is the most crucial aspect of the ecommerce app development process. You should optimize its work flow to offer satisfying services to your customers. Giving customers alternatives of single sign-on, allowing them to sign in from social media networks and through SMS or email helps in simplifying the registration process.

Likewise, a well-organized check-out process, using the best navigation functionalities will make the process hassle-free. The effortless check-out process ensures there are no cart abandonments and offers a competitive edge.

3. Multiple payment channels –

The provision of payment channels is a crucial part of your ecommerce app strategy. Being flexible by adding multiple payment modes such as debit card, credit card, e-wallet, net banking or built-in app wallet is essential for the success of an ecommerce app. Secure execution of payment transactions is equally important. Because, if payment is not done securely, there are greater chances of hacking. And your business goodwill could be at stake. Thus, it is important to keep a check on security measures before developing an app.

4. Actionable push alerts –

Push alerts are a great promotional tool for your mobile app. These alerts help in sending product deals, discounts, news, updates, reminders, and any information about your app or business. As per studies, users visit your app upon receiving a push notification. These alerts drive more users to your app by reminding them of the value that your app brings to them. The app push notifications serve as an efficient technique to boost app retention and engagement rate. Thus, providing you an opportunity to sell your merchandise to the right set of audiences.

As per reports, 50% of users use voice search at least once a week. Therefore, businesses are considering adding a voice search feature in their eCommerce mobile app. Voice search allows you to describe product functionalities in various languages by using multilingual voice technology. This allows you to target customers from different parts of the globe regardless of the language you speak or understand. It improves customer gratification and communication abilities with your customers and expands the business horizons.

Wrapping Up

The changing mindset and emerging trends are the top reasons to develop a mobile app for your ecommerce needs. Before developing the mobile app, it is important to know your audience, features, and budget. It is important to integrate trending features to improve the usability and usage of the application. At Orange Mantra, we are proficient with ecommerce app development. Our diligent team has delivered successful projects, maximizing downloads and increasing conversion rates for retailers.

Have an ecommerce mobile app idea? Hire ecommerce developer to translate it into reality.

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