Tips To Sell Your Home Faster In Hawaii

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Hawaii is among the most demanding destination globally with so many people looking to spend their holidays there. The increasing demand for vacation and residential homes might be good news for the realtors of Hawaii. Although, you have worked a lot on this here are some tips to know how to sell your home fast in Hawaii.

Tips to sell your home fast in Hawaii

Carefully price your home

The first step to shorten your listing period is to mark prices appropriately. The real estate market is dynamic and keeps on changing and lots of factors play a major role in it. Start comparing the houses near the area and near to recently sold homes near the property. The more homes you have sold in the area will be found to comps. Carefully consider the amenities and land values of the nearby property. Hire an agent who understands the area well and has good work experience in real estate and can give you real-time data on the different listing services to provide accurate estimates. Also, check that the property is not under leasehold otherwise the buyer has to pay a down payment and pay their monthly rent.

Take high-quality photos

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 97% of houses are sold last year from the internet or through online sources. Professional photography was the main feature of the sold houses Professional have a quality camera and knows how to take the best photos of the property to make them sell. The goal of high-quality pictures is to attract the buyer for an open house, and private viewing and to generate offers. The property with quality photographs was sold earlier than others.

Get a pre-listing inspection

There were some unexpected issues found during the Hawaii home selling process. Faulting the home inspection was the main reason for completing a deal. More than 11% of home sales were delayed due to the home inspection and major issues found were faulty drainage systems and excessive moisture. You should consider conducting a pre-listing inspection which will cost you a few dollars but will increase your chance of home selling more.

Optimize your outdoor space

Many experts suggest that homeowners should invest in remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens before pre-listing to increase the value of their homes but experts also suggested that they should also pay attention to their outdoor living space to sell their homes faster. Hawai is a tropical region with a warm climate all year round. Therefore buyers like to leverage this weather. Fortunately, few features can make your home look good to outstanding. For instance, a sliding window door that opens to a cozy outdoor gathering area can make your property look more attractive.

Use a virtual tour of your home

Professional pictures can impress your potential buyers but a virtual tour of your home can make Hawaii home selling more attractive and interesting. Make sure that you stage your home before the images are taken. Virtual tours allow the buyers to give the experience of moving through a home.

Decide when to sell

The demand for homes and their prices changes according to the job market and the economic forecast. For instance, the higher unemployment rate turns the real estate market into a buyer’s market. When fewer people are unemployed, there is slow home demand and buyers can negotiate lower prices. The Hawaii real estate market is slightly different than the mainland. You can get the best offers and sell faster in Hawaii during winter. December to February time is found effective and January is the peak month for home selling. Generally, selling a home is quite easier when the market is moving toward the seller’s market and it means the demand is increasing.


Selling your home in Hawaii is not much challenging. The best place to start selling is to identify the best time for selling. You should stage your property and get ready for selling it. Also, hire a professional photographer to have high-quality home images making it easier for home buyers to make a sale. For faster Hawaii home selling, make a virtual tour of the property and it will increase the selling chances. Making your home available for prospective buyers and agents to look at and setting to set up a deadline offer can help you close the sale faster.

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