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If you want to launch a gastronomic vehicle, the first thing is to define the format and menu, but it is also important to consider the sanitary protocols. With their delicious gourmet gastronomic proposals, speed, good prices and designs that delight, food trucks or food carts have gained notoriety and have embarked on a true revolution in the market that is growing every day. 

Before the covid-19 pandemic, they were a business on the rise, and they were inevitable in massive events, fairs and summer activities, captivating customers with this new business format on wheels.  

If you are looking for a way to start a business in the gastronomic field or to grow the one you already have, a good idea may be to have your food truck. If you like the idea, food trucks in kitchener have some recommendations that you should consider. Although the plan seems relatively simple, certain permits and standards are essential to work with a car.

How to start your food truck business

 The initial investment

 First of all, you must define the format and the gastronomic offer, you will offer to your clients. In addition to the type of truck you are looking to have if you think the purchase of the truck, the kitchen equipment, the patents and permits, and even the design of the website. It should be noted that this investment will not be recovered immediately, so it will take a while to start seeing positive numbers.

Permits to have a food truck

Like any business related to food, you must have all the necessary sanitary permits. Some related requirements have to do with the material of the cart, which is solid and washable; the size of it when cooking, and also having a drinking water system with a minimum capacity of 100 litres; among other things such as washing utensils, sinks, soap, towels, etc.

You should know that a Food truck cannot be installed in any corner but must be under the eaves of an event or organization (mall, pocket square, etc.).  In any case, since there is no current legislation, the best option is to guide you in the food truck business, which has the most up-to-date information on the regulations that exist and in which they work.

Name and logo

If you want to be on everyone’s lips quickly, Kitchener food truck recommends a short name that is easy to pronounce but has an interesting meaning. In addition, this name must be accompanied by an attractive, striking logo that goes hand in hand with all the decoration of your new food truck.

It would help if you considered all this in your initial investment since they will cost your entrepreneurship development process.

Where can they work?

 Considering municipal patent regulations and others, currently, food trucks can operate in private spaces, which is why weddings, events, massive activities and fairs are their main source of activity before the pandemic and now that they return to events little by little. Food trucks Kitchener offers the best quality food, enhancing the taste of food.

For the same reason, it is not that a food truck can be placed on any corner, square or street of the city to sell its food. It is important to be responsible since it can mean a big problem and even the definitive closure of your business.

Economy mode

Although the initial investment is important, it is a good option in the field of gastronomy if we compare it with a traditional restaurant. For the same reason, the service offered to customers can also be accompanied by the attractiveness of the price. 

In any case, it is always important to consider that the investment and the economic order of the business will be key to success; that is, the order in costs, fixed expenses, variables, gasoline, suppliers, and others. In the case of a food truck, something that many uses are to use solar energy to supply the business. Electric generators are the solution, which will depend on your own company’s needs.


Finally, considering that millennials are the main consumers of food trucks, social networks and how you manage them will be very important in the growth of your business. Kitchener catering uses technical products for making food early.

You must consider that it is a rolling business, and for the same reason, through the networks, you must keep your followers aware of where you will be, you’re new offers and your products. Accompany all this with good photographs of your dishes, your happy customers and more.

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