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The definition of an ebook?

The term “ebook” refers to a digital version of a printed book that can be read on any electronic reader, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Several book formats that are accessible in print forms are also available as ebooks. This ranges from best-selling novels and classics to references and scholarly literature.

Looking for free eBooks?

Although many bookworms and many best book marketing services companies still prefer physical book formats, eBooks have the definite advantage of being feasible to bring with you wherever you go. Plus, you have so many ways to source free eBooks, mainly those in the public domain.

If you own an e-reader, there is more reading material than you could ever consume in your lifetime, and that only includes the free books.

However, unless you know the correct places to visit, it might be difficult to obtain free ebook downloads. As a result, this article will provide you with a list of some of the top websites where you may get free ebooks.


HOOPLA has the greatest range of digital material kinds of book formats. You can get any type of book formats like free ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music CDs, and television programs. You may view titles directly from your computer browser, but the Hoopla app is also accessible on all major streaming devices, including iOS or Android and smart TVs.

Don’t worry; not everyone can access Hoopla. You will likely be able to access Hoopla’s material because it is available through public libraries throughout the United States (the US) and Canada and because, according to their website, they have relationships with more than 1,500 library systems. You must first make a login and password. 

If additional family members have their own library cards, you can borrow more than the monthly limit of 10 volumes. Just set up a login for every library card. As long as you haven’t downloaded all 10 of your monthly titles, there isn’t a queue.


Overdrive is the cleanest, quickest, and most legal method to access millions of book formats like ebooks. It does not just provide public domain works but also freshly released popular titles.

In a certain sense, OVERDRIVE and LIBBY are the same because they both provide the same titles. Although Libby is a new app with a friendlier and more streamlined user interface, the final decision of which one to use is completely yours.  Another digital resource source linked to your library card, like Hoopla, is OverDrive. Both websites are connected with the library system in my county, and for unknown reasons, occasionally, OverDrive carries ebook and audiobook titles that Hoopla does not have and vice versa.

Up to 20 ebooks can be checked out at once.  However, occasionally, book formats need to be held since they aren’t immediately available on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

In that regard, the fact that OverDrive exclusively provides ebooks and audiobooks is one manner in which it falls short of Hoopla in terms of awesomeness. But like Hoopla, OverDrive also has some of the most well-liked recent titles and fresh releases.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks that may be downloaded and read on a number of devices. You can read the books without signing up for anything. However, each of their titles is a piece of well-known literature that is available for free (e.g., not published recently). To get a sense of the sorts of books they have, check out their top 100 ebooks.

One more of the best places to get free ebooks is Project Gutenberg. It’s a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to collect and disseminate as many high-quality ebooks as possible. Volunteers and donations make it possible. The majority of the works in its collection are in the public domain, but if you’re willing to hunt around, you may also find additional materials.

Naturally, your library has access to the majority of these books as well, but if your library doesn’t collaborate with Hoopla or OverDrive, this is a fantastic opportunity to read some fantastic novels for free!


Feedbooks is a huge collection of downloadable ebooks, including fiction and nonfiction, free and paid, public domain, and copyrighted. Only nearly half of the more than 1 million titles that are accessible are free.

Intriguingly, both “free public domain ebooks” and “free original ebooks” seem to have about the same presence. The majority of the works in the public domain are short tales, and many of the original works are works of fan fiction. However, if you look around, you might uncover some interesting stories.

The majority of ebooks are offered in the EPUB, MOBI, and PDF book formats. If you consider that while deciding what to read, they even include word counts and reading time estimations.

Google Play Books

You guessed it! Books are available through Google Play Books, a section of the Google Play store. Although there are audiobooks available, the only ones that are currently free are ebooks. Only Android/iOS devices may use the app, and you’ll need a Google login (not Amazon devices).

There is a small blog collection of free books. In general, it seems that people prefer reading older works that are in the public domain, romance novels, independent fiction novels, and manuals or handbooks. In light of this, have a look through their top free ebooks to see if anything catches your eye.

Open Library

This one is the one I reserved for last, not necessarily because there are fewer options, but rather because it is difficult to use. OPEN Library may be particularly challenging to use because it is a part of a bigger network of websites related to Nevertheless, if you’re patient, you can read many excellent books on your eReader or your web browser.

Like a real library, you do need to join up, and there may be a waiting list for some titles. 


The ebooks available at the library differ significantly from the ones you may get from websites. The ebooks the library gives have checkout periods, so unless it’s an ebook with limitless downloading capacity and no checkout periods, the books will be deleted from your device after a certain amount of time.

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