Teleporter In Minecraft: The Step-By-Step Guide About How To Make A Teleporter Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, ender pearls can be extremely useful in teleporting. Minecraft players playing in survival mode can construct Teleporter Minecraft that allows you to return to a particular place in a flash. It’s good to know that building a teleporter in Minecraft is relatively simple. Teleporters can be either manual or automated. If a teleporter is manual, players will require another player on their server to be able to teleport. The construction for both types of teleporters is very similar.

How to make a teleporter in Minecraft?

Materials Required:

  1. Soul sand: 1
  2. Water Bucket: 1
  3. Daylight Sensor: (Automatic)1
  4. Redstone Torch (Manual): 1
  5. Trap Door: 1
  6. Ender Pearls: As needed

Step 1: Dig

Choose a location to construct the teleporter. The player should return after a trip away. To begin the building, start by digging a hole to hold eight blocks. Players must have their bucket of water and soul sand before digging.

Step 2: Soul Sand

When a player has reached the lowest point of the eight-block depth hole, they must put their Soul sand block under them. There should be seven blocks over the soul sand to work with.

Step 3: Water

Then you need to fill holes with water, putting an appropriate water source on all seven blocks. The ones building for survival will require an infinite water source close by to do this. The placement of water on each block inside the hole is vital. The water will begin to expand, which can push any person who gets into the water upwards instead of sinking them.

Step 4: Trap Door

Install the trapdoor on the top of the pool. Make sure you cut the block and then flip the trap door upwards.

Step 5: Redstone Torch or Daylight Sensor

This is where the difference between an automated remote teleporter and one manually operated is a factor. The blocks of Redstone blocks are what will trigger this trapdoor. To make an automatic teleporter, install light sensors in the base near the hinges on the trap door’s door. For a manual teleporter, put a Redstone torch over the block adjacent to the trapdoor. Then, it would help if you broke another block adjacent to the one on which the torch is placed so that the other aspect of the block is visible. On the side that is exposed, put the button.

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Step 6: Ender Pearl

The only thing left to do is throw the pearl discarded into the water. This is possibly the most challenging part as it is straightforward to fail and result in an unneeded waste. The pearl must not be placed on one among the seven blocks encased with water. Then the pearl has been successfully dropped into the teleporter, it will begin floating in the water instead of immediately teleporting to the person who dropped it. Then, the player is free to explore their surroundings with a simple way back to the teleporter’s position.

By using an automatic teleporter, players will be teleported back if the day becomes night within the game due to the sensor for daylight. This causes the trap door to close and then activate the throw-out pearl. Players can only return to their teleporter if a manual teleporter when another player presses the button to open the trap door. This will also enable the pearl that binds the player.

Step Six - Ender Pearl

Teleporting Minecraft on PC

  1. Launch Minecraft on your computer.
  2. Make your world you’d like to play in.
  3. Find the area you’d like to teleport to in the future. It might be your headquarters, farm, or recreation project you’re working on.
  4. Use F3+Fn + on your PC or Alt + F3 + F3 on your Mac to show your current coordinates on the mini-map. Please record these coordinates since you’ll require them for teleporting back.
  5. If you wish to teleport, you can open your console and press the”/” key on your keyboard.
  6. You can also transfer to another player’s location (or invite them over to your location) with the command to teleport Bert Ernie, which will send Bert to the current location of Ernie.
  7. After entering the command, press Enter to bring players to a specified location.

Teleporting Minecraft on console

Once you’ve got that, let’s look at how to teleport into Minecraft using PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

  1. Start loading Minecraft using your game console’s menu.
  2. Choose Play Game and choose the world you’d like to load; however, don’t load it now.
  3. Navigate towards Game Options and make sure that Host Privileges are ticked.
  4. Click Load and then OK when you see the warning informing players of the absence of achievements and leaderboard updates when playing with host privileges.
  5. After the game has been loaded After the game has loaded, hit Options to launch the game on Xbox and the Touchpad on the PlayStation to open the menu Host.
  6. Select Host Options, and then choose Teleport into Player.
  7. It will take you to the list of players in your area. Choose a player from the list, and you’ll instantly be transferred to the current place of play.

Teleporting Minecraft on mobile

Although the absence of a physical keyboard could make entering coordinates an exhausting task, there’s another method of teleporting to a specific location in Minecraft using a mobile device.

  1. Launch the Minecraft application to load the Minecraft world you’d like to explore.
  2. You can access the menu for pause by pressing the top-right corner of the screen, the icon doesn’t always show, but it’s there.
  3. Tap Settings and turn the Cheats button to enable Teleportation.
  4. Shut down the menu and press Resume Game.
  5. Tap to the Chat icon located near the very top of your page.
  6. To find the current coordinates of your location to use in the future, click in the “text box and enter “/tp: your username” >making sure you change the Your Username by Your Username with your Minecraft username. This won’t take you to a different location. However, you should see the menu command show the current coordinates.
  7. To teleport press the Chat icon again to open your text box and enter /tp your username, X Z where X is the east/west coordinate, and the vertical coordinate is Y while Z represents the coordinate north/south.
  8. Press the Enter button (resembling an e-mail bubble with an arrow) to send your character towards the indicated location.

Uses of Teleporter In Minecraft

Exploration and Travel

One of the main uses of the Teleporter in Minecraft is to help players quickly explore new territories. The Teleporter makes it easy to travel between different parts of the game world, allowing players to quickly reach new areas and explore new biomes. This makes it an essential tool for players who enjoy exploring and discovering new parts of the game world.

Safety and Escaping Danger

Another use of the Teleporter in Minecraft is to help players escape from danger quickly. Whether a player is being attacked by monsters or has accidentally fallen into a pit, the Teleporter can provide a quick escape route. This can be especially useful in survival mode, where players must fend off monsters and avoid danger to stay alive.


Teleportation can happen in a variety of situations by using teleporter Minecraft. The object appears to be immediately in its place following the event, typically making an audio track during the process (cases in which they don’t aren’t unintentional). This could also mean entities that travel across channels.

Install a daylight sensor adjacent to the trap door’s springs on the blocks to create an automated teleporter. Put a Redstone torch just on block adjacent to the trap door to make a manual teleporter. Then, destroy the block adjacent to the Redstone light to ensure that the torch block’s opposite side is visible.


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