Steps For A Successful Land Survey in Calgary

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Land surveying is an essential part of any land development and real estate designing project. It requires the application of an expert’s skills, knowledge and techniques. Proper procedures are to be followed, compliance regulations need to be adhered to and fieldwork ought to be conducted.

Knowing what a successful land survey involves helps us understand the indispensable role played by land surveyors in Calgary. They plan, direct and guide the surveying process following detailed and tried-and-tested steps.   

Calgary land surveyors generally follow the below mentioned steps for carrying out successful land surveys:

Step 1: Reviewing Ownership History
The first step is to examine the history (legal) of the property. This is done via locally available databases and past deeds. The aim is to ensure there is no dispute at later stages regarding titles. Proper attention is given to examining existing easements and right-of-ways too.

The land surveyor will gather minutest details about any common yards shared by the property and adjacent ones. Streets, alleys, shared between these homes are also examined.

Step 2: Carrying Out The Survey Fieldwork
The next step is to conduct the fieldwork research. This involves measuring every boundary line, building dimensions and the structures built on the property. This helps in calculating the exact property inclusions. Structures such as sheds, fences, lakes, decks, etc. are also included in the fieldwork. This step is completed using different equipment including laser levels, tapes, GPS units, digital angular measuring instruments (DAMI), etc.

Step 3: Creating An Ownership Map
Once the research is done, the land surveyor creates or provides a map outlining the property’s boundaries. This is often the result of the measurements taken by the land surveyor during his or her fieldwork. The ownership map showcases the land description, street address, building details, adjacent properties’ locations, etc.

Another way to understand these broad categories of steps undertaken is by way of the necessary tasks to be undertaken mentioned below:

1) Gathering existing deeds and property records

2) Preparing a base boundary plan

3) Conducting field survey

4) Detecting property boundary discrepancies (if any)

5) Generating the construction stake-out survey

6) Preparing the as-built survey.

That’s quite a lot of hefty workload that the chosen land surveyor needs to carry out efficiently. One must therefore, be utmost careful in selecting the best land surveyor team in Calgary.

Conduct a thorough google research for finding the best quotes from trusted land surveyors in Calgary. Check their official websites for past clients, industry experience, equipment and technologies used, testimonials, and the like. This will help people be assured of their excellence-driven service delivery.

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