Spring in China

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Spring is one of the best seasons and time to visit China since the weather gets gradually warmer and flowers start blooming. The spring season occurs between the month of March-May, and the majority of the cities in China experience rain showers. Apart from the rain showers, the beauty of the spring season will inspire lovers of photography due to the breathtaking views of the lush landscapes, colourful blossoms and fresh green colours. An expat searching for various English teaching jobs in China will be inspired by wonderful scenic views and natural attractions, from the Beijing cherry blossoms to the colourful rice fields of Longji.

What to do in China during the Spring

  • Touring the Rice Terraces in Longsheng

Spring is usually an incredible time to travel around the different regions and cities in China. During the spring, you can tour Longshen County, home to the popular Longji rice terraces and approximately 100 km from Guilin city. The Longji rice terraces have four distinct and unique spectacular views corresponding to or matching the four seasons. The terraces are typically flooded with water during the summer, generating bright green colourful plants. In fall, the rice fields are usually yellow, indicating the plants have matured and are ready to be harvested. In the winter, the presence of frost creates unique subtropical white rice terraces. During the spring, the rice fields are typically wet and closely resemble the dragon scales hence living up to the nickname Dragon’s backbone.

  • View the Beijing Cherry Blossom

Beijing is one of the most amazing cities in China, with something for everyone and plenty of activities at all times of the year. However, if you want to achieve the most out of this great city, visit during the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. There are plenty of places around Beijing to view these unique and classic beauties. Yuyuantan Park is one of the areas where the highest concentration of cherry blossoms and hosts the cherry blossom festival each year. The cherry trees are among the various species of plant in the park, providing an outstanding view for plenty of tourists visiting the park in Beijing.

  • Trek through the yellow fields in Wuyuan

Wuyuan is a remote rural county in Jiangxi province, far Northeast of China. Wuyuan is one of the worthwhile places to visit in China and is yet to open to many tourists due to its remoteness. This area has numerous scenic spots, including rice paddies, rivers and caves. The ancient towns of Wuyuan are usually open at an entrance fee for visitors to view and learn about the history of the ancient towns in Wuyuan. This secluded rural county is typically beautiful all year round and offers a breathtaking view of an endless carpet of yellow during the spring when the rapeseed is in bloom.

  • Tour the Zhujiajiao Water Town

Zhujiajiao Water Town is located approximately 47 kilometres from Shanghai. It’s a unique water town in the Qingpu district with almost 1700 years of history. This is one of the best places and areas to visit during the spring since it’s the best preserved ancient water town among the four different ancient towns in Shanghai. A tutor teaching in one of the IB schools in Shanghai can take a trip to this wonderful water town while enjoying spectacular views of curved rock bridges, lovely waterways, and old streets cemented with stone.  

The spring season is when locals and international visitors celebrate the traditional holidays of the ethnic minorities in China. Some popular traditional holidays tourists can celebrate include the water splashing festival, the sister meal festival, Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival, Beijing International Film Festival and the Luoyang Peony Culture Festival. These festivals and activities help bring people together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, warming-up weather and minority communities during the spring season.

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