Significance of Diamond and Gold in Jewelry

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Diamonds and gold have a long history of being highly prized and loved by the majority of people. They became a symbol of social rank, economic prosperity, and simplicity due to a combination of their uniqueness, rigidity, rarity, and physical simplicity.

Having such a precious item like diamond and gold jewelry indicates our social and economic standing, which are hugely important in today’s culture. Even nowadays, you can use a diamond gold jewelry, like a 14k white gold diamond bracelet, to show your class and living standards than other people. 

Why are diamonds precious?

In ancient times, diamonds were known as “unconquerable” or “Adamas” by the Greeks. This word is the source of our word “adamant,” and the mythical alloy “adamantium” borrows the same concepts of hardness and invincibility.

According to Greek mythology and texts, Greek gods are said to have used or worn diamonds in their most valuable or powerful adornments. Because they were made of diamond, Chronos’ sword, Heracles’ helmet, and Prometheus’ ever-binding chains were all indestructibly powerful.

By asserting that the gates of Hades, which are only accessible after death and cannot be passed through again, are made of diamonds, Roman authors borrowed the Greek legend that diamonds are the strongest, most unbeatable substance. As a result, diamonds were used as combat amulets and referred to be “tears of gods” in medieval Europe. 

Since Charlemagne’s time, diamonds have grown more and more well-liked because people have come to equate them with security, power, strength, and perpetual life. When searching for diamonds for the monarch during the reign of Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier returned with the largest diamond ever discovered—a massive 900-carat. 

This story demonstrates the enormous value diamonds have accumulated just due to their strength and beauty. The property of diamonds is perhaps where the symbolism of invincibility comes from its hardness.

Importance of diamond and gold

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  • Compared to graphite, diamonds are the carbon compound that is the most stable. They are created in the Earth’s layer at a high temperature and pressure with an intensity ranging from 140km to 190km. The diamonds are brought safely to the Earth’s surface by magma, which is transported by violent volcanic eruptions. Because they are so beautiful but essentially scarce, diamonds are very in vogue.
  • The healing properties of gold will affect your entire body because they are intertwined with different organ systems. The metal is still thought to stimulate blood flow and relieve sore and stiff muscles. In ancient times, people thought it had special healing properties and widely used it as ornaments. 
  • According to statistics, diamonds are one of the world’s most vibrant and cherished gemstones. A diamond engagement ring is regarded as an exact representation of love and devotion due to its strength. Similar to “diamonds are forever,” it is also seen as a sign of the relationship you intend to start with the woman you have decided to be with for the rest of your life.
  • Love-Diamonds are generally known to stand for power, permanence, and unending love. A diamond has always captured people’s attention and sparked their passion and feelings. If someone is seeking something that can be considered to represent an enduring gift, an emblem of clarity and dedication, or a beautiful work of art, diamond pendants are an outstanding asset.
  • Due to its innate ability to control body temperature, gold is frequently used as a remedy. For instance, wearing gold jewelry, like a 14k white gold diamond bracelet, is a common treatment for menopausal women and is thought to be very effective. Because gold regulates temperature, wearing gold jewelry can make you sweat and get the chills. By maintaining a healthy temperature, gold helps the immune system fight off diseases and helps restore the natural balance of the body.

These reasons make gold and diamond jewelry highly desirable. So, gift your loved ones or yourself a fascinating gift. You can shop for a 14k white gold diamond bracelet or a 14k gold diamond tennis bracelet from a reputable jewelry store.

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