Should MBBS students be taught management?

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Combining managerial skills and medical expertise isn’t an easy task, but experts consider it to be vital. Numerous medical schools and universities that are renowned for MBBS in other countries are realizing the significance of this mix and incorporating management-related subjects into their curricula.

Numerous universities and colleges that offer the MBBS degree in India believe that, even though medical science is a technically-oriented subject, it should be supported by the understanding of how to apply their expertise and expand their perspectives through the appropriate method of management. Therefore, the majority of aspiring doctors are opting to pursue MBBS in India in the hope of acquiring an array of skills that encompass the management of techniques, as well.

The reason we emphasise teaching management skills to students of MBBS within India is to help make doctors working in the health sector proficient in opening their clinics and overseeing their staff more effectively. Management skills are essential for managing the hospital or clinic administration as well as effectively supervising the personnel of the healthcare establishment. Therefore, many students who want to take up MBBS abroad can master the skills of management too.

Medical professionals are often faced with challenging situations and demanding tasks during their jobs. Education and a basic understanding of management methods will allow them to handle these challenges better and also communicate more effectively. The institutions in MBBS in India are also convinced that teaching management concepts to students can aid the team members in utilizing their skills according to their strengths, increasing the overall efficiency of the hospital or clinic.

One of the primary reasons students choose to pursue MBBS within India is that the institutions are focused on developing other areas like soft skills and management strategies among students as well as medical education. Many graduates who complete their MBBS in India consider that doctors who also manage themselves are more able to pursue careers than doctors alone. From opening nursing homes to working in the healthcare departments of corporate companies in the capacity of clinicians and administrators to joining pharmaceutical companies as medical advisors or marketing professionals, a myriad of opportunities for career advancement are available to students who have mastered the art of management with medicine.There are also the possibilities of working for research institutes for clinical research as well as in the research and development departments of the health divisions. This isn’t all; MBBS students who have been trained in management can manage IT sales and consulting across various sectors of the healthcare sector. Overall, the majority of institutes that offer MBBS internationally believe that equipping medical professionals with managerial skills assists in nurturing and cultivating the skills in a comprehensive way that is beneficial to the profession as well as for the individual.

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abdul waheed
abdul waheed
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