Seven Important Tips to Trained Blue Merle Aussiedoodles

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When training your blue merle aussiedoodle Chicago, these seven important tips will help you achieve the best results. By following them religiously, you can build a relationship with your dog that makes training sessions enjoyable and productive for both of you. Read on to learn how to use these tips in your workout effortlessly.

Be consistent with training

Training your blue merle aussiedoodle Chicago is the best way to ensure he thrives well. It may feel like more work but it will pay off in the long run. Here are some training essentials:

1) Use positive reinforcement

2) Constantly strengthen the commands

3) Keep calm and be patient

4) Box-train

5) Teaching to sit

6) Teach

7) Pay close attention when you do something right

8) Ignore their bad behavior

9) Train him with other dogs

10) Make rules.

Get them used to different types of people

If you have a blue merle aussiedoodle Chicago, he must get to know as many people as possible so he gets used to different types of people. If children are around, interact with them and encourage the dog to play with them. If there are elderly or disabled people around, ensure they also spend quality time with your pup. It would help if you also take your dog out when there is construction or other loud noise nearby. This will help them get used to and not be afraid of the noise that may occur in the future.

Start socializing early

Puppies need socialization. They should be introduced to as many people, animals, and environments as possible. The more people they meet, the more comfortable they will feel about meeting new people in the future. Dogs must also be familiar with surfaces such as grass, dirt, carpet, and tile. This will help them feel more comfortable with different textures under their paws when playing outside or walking on hardwood floors inside your home.

Get them used to different types of animals

Puppies may be cute, but it’s also important to start training them early. A good way is to get them used to different types of animals so they don’t get scared when they meet new ones in the future.

Get your puppy used to different animals by asking a friend or family member to bring their pet, or if you can’t find one locally, you can take your puppy to the park where another pet has also come for a walk. Walk. You’ll want to establish an area where your pup feels safe and secure, such as in his crate or bed, before introducing him to an animal friend. Once he’s comfortable, take the furry creature outside and let him sniff while you keep your pup close.

Start with basic obedience training

Aussiedoodle puppies are very energetic and have high intelligence. They will need plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Basic obedience training is an easy way to start the training process, helping your puppy learn how you want him to behave in different situations. Remember that what you do with your dog now will influence his behavior in the future. Start by teaching your puppy three commands: sit, stay and come. To prepare, sit down, hold a small treat over the puppy’s head, and say sit. While they’re sitting, acknowledge them with pleasure and repeat this process until they’re fully trained.

Reward good behavior

Aussiedoodle puppies are known for their intelligence and obedience, but training can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips for training your new partner:

1) Get started early! Teaching commands like sit and lie down will ensure you have an obedient pet.

2) Reward good behavior! Give your dog a treat or rub his tummy when he does as you ask.

3) Be consistent! Make sure all family members use the right words and give rewards.

4) Be patient! Aussiedoodle puppies have a lot of energy, so it may take some time to learn what you want them to do.

5) Keep practicing! Practice makes perfect, so keep teaching the commands until your pup has mastered them.

Ignore bad behavior

Puppies are cute and full of energy, but when they’re mischievous, it’s even more important to be consistent. Negative reinforcement is the best way to teach your puppy what you don’t want him to do. When he does something wrong, tell him no and give him an alternate command that isn’t allowed in that situation. If your pup jumps on the couch, tell him no and then put his toy or bone on the couch for him. They can still enjoy their favorite toy without climbing back up.


Blue merle aussiedoodle Chicago are very obedient and pick things up quickly. If you are looking to have one Aussiedoodles of Love is the best option you can turn to. And after you get one, these tips will help you train your puppy. Plus, if you’re consistent with your training, you’ll be able to teach them more than just basic skills.

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