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Is your hair getting thinner? It’s devastating to see those delicate skin areas grow in size while you can’t do anything about them. A new tool called Smartgraft has arrived.

SmartGraft only needs one minimally invasive session to give you natural-looking results in hair transplantation! Next year, you might be happy and confident about your new look as your hair grows longer and longer.

The SmartGraft Hair Transplant Method

SmartGraft’s first step

Using FUE technology like smart graft hair transplant, you can have hair transplanted from your head to your head. FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction,” It can be used to get rid of groups of one to four hair follicles simultaneously. Groups of follicular units are called “micro-grafts.” These are often taken from the back of the head, where hair loss is less noticeable. A device called SmartGraft keeps them safe and secure before being implanted. 

SmartGraft’s Operation

There are at least two appointments with a doctor for smart graft hair palm springs. During your first meeting with a surgeon, you’ll talk about your medical history and how healthy your hair is. You’ll also talk about the state of your hair and scalp. After that, the doctor will check your scalp to see if you’re a good candidate for SmartGraft. You will talk about what you can expect from the surgery and other things. It also comes with preparing for the treatment, so you’ll learn how to do that. The treatment usually starts in the morning, and it usually takes about five hours to finish. 

It’s Operation Day!

On the day before you have the SmartGraft, you’ll meet with your plastic surgeon again to go over the surgery and make sure you’re okay with what will happen.

Prepare the donor and implant sites for surgery. For the donor site(s), this means shaving the hair down to the bone. Micrografts can’t be done unless the hair is pretty short.

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the places where the implants will be.
  • The smart graft hair transplant tool is used to get micro-grafts from the donor site.
  • This is how the micro-grafts get into the places to be put.
  • They are put in one by one on the surface of the skin.

Post procedures 

Most people can go back to work on the first day after SmartGraft, but some people can’t. Afterward, you’ll get very detailed instructions on caring for your scalp and hair. Shampoo and hair washing may be part of this.

The smart graft hair transplant results don’t show up for three months after the surgery. Soon, you’ll start to see the first signs of new hair growth. By the six-month mark, you’ll see a big difference in the fullness of the transplanted areas. Many of the benefits of smart graft hair palm springs will start to show up in the first 12 to 14 months after using it.

Is SmartGraft better than other surgical methods?

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a hair transplantation method that doesn’t need surgery. Strip harvesting is another name for this type of harvesting. Remove a small piece of skin from the back of the scalp with FUT. It can be used up to a half-inch by 12-inch strip. A stitch or staple is used to close the wound after removing the ribbon. The follicular grafts are then taken apart from the strips of hair. 

Which one is better? Is SmartGraft or FUT the best choice for you?

Unlike FUT, a smart graft hair transplant doesn’t need to cut a lot of hair off the head. A plastic surgeon will instead do it to remove follicular units from the top of your head. Strip harvesting leaves linear scars that may be hard to hide because of how it is done. To hide these scars, one must have long enough hair. SmartGraft is better if you want concise hair because it doesn’t leave significant scars.

The last thoughts.

If you’ve had hair loss for a long time, smart graft hair palm springs are a big deal. It could take only a few weeks for hair density to go up. Between 12 and 14 months, most people see total hair growth start to happen. SmartGraft is better than the FUT strip harvesting method in almost every way. There are a lot of benefits to using SmartGraft because it is less intrusive and less painful. 

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