Pathfinder Skin: What Is It? And Top 11 Best Pathfinder Skins With Description

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The Pathfinder Legend is one of Apex’s most popular characters. He is a powerful kit, and though he takes a while to learn, he’s not too difficult to use. There are probably already a lot of you playing Pathfinder, or you have plans to start soon. If you play, you’ll find that Pathfinder also has excellent cosmetics.

Pathfinder mains always look for highlight-reel hook plays with the Forward Scout since Respawn released their battle royale in 2019.

The challenge is more than mastering his kit since Respawn releases so many cosmetics with each event that choosing a skin can be almost impossible. This guide is all about Pathfinder skin in detail.

Pathfinder skin

The Pathfinder character in Apex Legends is always sure to bring a smile to players’ faces as he approaches every encounter with positivity. In light of Pathfinder’s limited design space, it was harder to develop creative skins for him. 

Although one could argue that out-of-character elements are always possible, Respawn usually strives to ensure all legends are distinguished, even in the most unorthodox skins.

Top 11 best Pathfinder skins

1.   Down Right Fierce skin

Pathfinder’s Down Right Fierce skin is one of its most serious-looking skins. Olympus Fight Night would be incomplete without this skin – how else would you punch your enemies to death? It was first released as part of the Thrill seekers Arena event in season 9 and later included as part of the store bundle in 2021.

2.   The Burgundy Knight skin

Apex added the Burgundy Knight Pathfinder skin in 2021 as part of the War Games Thematic event. Red, black, and gold colors make up the skin, a recolor of Pathfinder’s War Machine skin.

During the event, 1,800 Apex coins were auctioned off by the Burgundy Knight.

3.   War Machine Fortnite skin

There is a legendary Pathfinder skin called War Machine that has ranked second on the ranking. In August 2019, Apex Legends released this medieval-inspired outfit as part of the Iron Crown Event.

Featuring artisan details throughout, the model is silver-white. Pathfinder’s head is designed to resemble the armor of a medieval knight. Pathfinder’s screen contains a sun that appears to be made out of stained glass, so it’s not exactly colorful.

There is a high demand for the original color of Pathfinder, as it is considered a must-have skin. In Season 8, a recolor was released as part of the War Games Event. Store rotations have also brought it back. It would help if you waited until it was again available in the store.

4.   Omega Point Fortnite skin 

Due to its purple color, this skin is rare because it was released as a tie-in product with Twitch Prime subscribers. Despite this, Twitch Prime isn’t that difficult to obtain since it’s free for anyone with an Amazon account. Keep an eye out for Twitch Prime loot every week.

5.   Memoir Noir Fortnite skin

In January 2021, this exceptional skin was released during the Fight Night Event. Upon selecting Pathfinder before a match, this skin features a unique intro animation of the character.

In terms of the skin, it takes a lot of inspiration from old film noir films. With a matching brown fedora, it features a long brown coat. Pathfinder’s screen has an icon that looks like a smiling fedora-wearing face.

This skin does not appear regularly despite its return from the original event. You may have to settle for a more common skin or wait a while until it returns. Is it possible that it will be rotated in stores? Maybe it will be recolored in a future event? 

6.   Friendly Fire Fortnite skin

During Apex’s 2021 Anniversary event, the Friendly Fire skin for Pathfinder was introduced. The legend’s SRVN MRVN skin has been recolored as Friendly Fire. There are more reds in this one and some golden accents.

Friendly Fire skins were available for 1,800 Apex coins or 1,200 crafting materials during the Anniversary event.

7.   Down Right Fierce Fortnite skin

There is no doubt that Down Right Fierce is a skin of Pathfinder that looks serious. It would be impossible to find a better skin than this one to punch some enemies to death during Olympus Fight Night. Initially released in season 9 as part of the Thrill seekers Arenas Event, Down Right Fierce was later added to a store bundle in 2021.

8.   Green Machine pathfinder skin

Taking innovation to its next level, this skin takes experimenting to a new level. A combination of green and pink isn’t going to do you any good when it comes to camouflage. Despite this, Pathfinder fans still covet it as one of the most sought-after skins. You will need The Aviator and 10,500 Legend Tokens to obtain this one.

9.   Full Metal Robot skin

Rambo-inspired Full Metal Robot is a Pathfinder skin ready for slaying some enemies in the Outlands. The Pathfinder Edition skin line is also available in the store to purchase this legendary edition skin. Players also receive a charm, a legendary havoc skin, an Apex coin badge, and 1000 Apex coins, as well as the skin.

10.               Mechameleon pathfinder skin

During the 2021 A.L.G.S. Championship Sale, the Mechameleon skin for Pathfinder was added to Apex. A green chameleon suit was featured on the skin and sold for 2,500 Apex coins.

The 2021 A.L.G.S. Championship Sale only offered this rare skin once and has not returned to the in-game shop.

11.               Plastic Fantastic skin

In a blue and white color scheme with yellow accents, Plastic Fantastic is a bulky, futuristic-looking Pathfinder cosmetic. Those who own Pathfinder’s heirloom should hold this skin because its color combination complements the artifact perfectly. 

Originally introduced as part of season 4’s System Override Collection, Plastic Fantastic returned as a non-event offer in season 2021’s Genesis Collection.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In Pathfinder, how do you get the special skin?

To snag Pathfinder’s latest skin, players must own a Nintendo Switch. When you log into Apex Legends via Switch, you will receive the P.A.T.H. skin as a gift. To grab the dazzling red and white skin, players must log on via Switch between March 9 and May 4, 2021.

What is the rarity of the Green Machine Pathfinder skin?

Although it’s a rare Pathfinder skin, the mix of green and pink won’t help you go undetected. You could unlock this if you had The Aviator and 10,500 Legend tokens.

In Apex, what was the first legend?

Season one of Apex Legends, called Wild Frontier, began March 19 and ended June 18. The game’s inaugural season introduced a new Legend, Octane, and the Battle Pass.

Does Ash Pathfinder have a girlfriend?

The simulacrum seems to remain part of the Apex universe after her appearance in The Broken Ghost, season five’s quest. A so-called girlfriend of Pathfinder is introduced to Mirage and Rampart in the comic. As the robot introduces the pair to Ash, he instructs them to a new friend, the recently awakened robot.

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