Morning Desert Safari in Dubai – A Complete Guide

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The land of deserts, mountains, and beaches, Dubai is a paradise for tourists from all over the world. Enriched with natural beauty, this planet is a unique masterpiece of ancient and modern times that amuses tourists in every way. Towering buildings, inspiring wonders, an abundance of scenic views, and colorful restaurants add to its attraction. Therefore, every year millions of tourists travel long distances to visit this esoteric world and capture lifetime memories. 

This extremely luxurious world is bound between the borders of beaches and deserts. The ruggedness of the beaches has its place, but the endless deserts have a  different allure that captivates visitors. Therefore, the UAE tour is considered incomplete without going for the thrilling excursion of desert safari in Dubai. It offers three kinds of safaris but the morning desert safari in Dubai is the ultimate choice for nature lovers. 

Morning desert safari is best for visitors who want to explore the maximum number of places in Dubai in one day tour. The reason is that this exciting excursion starts early in the morning and ends in the afternoon. After that visitors can explore the city side of Dubai and can witness the mesmerizing view of Dubai’s luxurious nights. Moreover, it is the most economical and peaceful excursion and almost all kinds of tourists can afford it. 

For maximum exploration and enjoyment to the fullest, it’s crucial to have complete information about the tour including price, time, weather, and preparation tips. It helps you to make effective planning according to your desires and budget. Proper arrangements and planning help tourists avoid unwanted happenings or troubles during the journey. Moreover, it also adds to the fun and joy of the excursion. And hiring a professional tourist guide is the best way to collect all this information. But it adds to the expense of the trip. 

Things to Know Before Heading For Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

To go smoothly and economically with the morning desert safari, you can follow this guide. 

Timing of Morning Desert Safari 

When it comes to exploring the maximum attractions of the marvelous land, Dubai, a morning desert safari is an ideal approach. It starts in the morning around 8-9 am and lasts for about 5-6 hours. Most visitors choose a morning desert safari just to witness the mesmerizing sunrise scenery. 

During morning hours there is a very low crowd which makes it a perfect choice for groups or families to enjoy more comfort and privacy. 

Best Travelling Package 

Various tourist companies offer different traveling packages for morning desert safaris. Typically you can select from 3 types of travel packages. 

  • Economic class to enjoy this thrilling excursion with a minimum budget 
  • The business class provides more facilities but costs more charges 
  • Luxury class is highly expensive but provides outclass services

What it Offers? 

Morning desert safari is another name for thrill and excitement as it introduces a huge collection of thrilling rides, adventurous activities, and opportunities to explore hidden secrets of nature. During this trip you can enjoy the following features; 

  • Stunning photography with mesmerizing sunrise scenery. And the rapidly evolving natural landscapes due to strong winds make this scene more attractive. 
  • Funny camel tide is the most interesting and memorable future of morning desert safari. This one-hour ride allows you to explore the lifestyle of ancient Arabs. 
  • Hot air balloon rides allow you to witness the breathtaking views of vast deserts from a bird’s eye view 
  • Dune bashing is the height of thrill and adventure which not only amuse the riders but also capture the heart of viewers. 
  • You can also satisfy your inner heat by riding a quad bike over large hills of the sand like a pro 
  • Sandboarding, buggy riding, and jeep rely on are also the famous attractions of morning desert safari in Dubai  


Morning desert safari is the cheapest one among all the three kinds of desert safari. The reason is that it does not include meals, camping, and dance or music concerts. However, the exact price depends upon the type of touring package you select for this exciting experience 

Final Thought 

Though all kinds of desert safari including morning, evening, and overnight desert safari in Dubai offers a variety of action pack activities and places to explore, people love to go for morning desert safari. The reason is its cheap rates and peaceful environment. If you are planning to go for this thrilling excursion then follow the above-mentioned guide and make your trip memorable.

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