Microlearning Trends are Terrific for Corporate Environments: Here’s More!

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While microlearning acquired immense popularity in the education industry, it has now become a significant aspect of the corporate environment. 


In the form of digital and online training! 

While, on the one hand, we are trained for the future as kids, learning in the corporate world happens in two ways:

  • Learning that allows employees to boost their performance and accelerate their productivity. 
  • Learning in the moment for its immediate application.

Unfortunately, most organizations tend to misunderstand the concept of ‘microlearning.’ They think that stuffing the team with the necessary information from time to time is capable of doing the trick! However, you must think again! 

For efficiently leveraging microlearning into the corporate world, it is significant for learning and development teams to be aware of their audience’s requirements. In addition, there must be clarity of learning preferences, challenges, and more. 

Apart from this, there are multiple advantages offered by microlearning that are driving the growth of a workplace. 

What are they? Continue reading to learn more! 

Take a look!

1. Dynamic Environment 

According to research, employees overburdened with work is one of the primary reasons behind a high turnover of staff. It is not hidden that the corporate industry undergoes dynamic changes and has to fit modern trends without disturbing existing operations. 

Undoubtedly, simplification of activities via training is significant, and microlearning plays a great role in contributing to the same. For instance, microlearning enables guiding the motion of learning material from short to long-term memory. Additionally, it boosts the retention rate and eliminates the issue of exhaustion and fatigue. 

Therefore, microlearning is a perfect solution for a team looking forward to learning in a fast-paced environment without compromising on their productivity. 

If you’re looking forward to building an L&D platform, don’t forget to get an e-learning app development company on board! 

2. Supports Workflow 

The labor shortage is a serious concern, and there’s no slowing down of the same. For instance, the US witnessed a turnover rate of 57.3% across all domains. Therefore, since new employees are hired, there’s no time to train them traditionally due to speedy workflows. 

Fortunately, microlearning comes to the rescue as it causes the least disruption to the working processes. Moreover, the lessons are short and are to be consumed in chunks, which makes it convenient for the organization to train their teams in no time. 

Many organizations support their employees from the moment of onboarding by providing them with a list of to-do tasks and microlearning lessons. The exciting part is that the employees get rewarded for the completion of these tasks that help them develop their skills. 

3. Development Opportunities  

There are two sides to an organization- one is presented to the customers and the other is backstage, where the entire mechanism takes place. Notably, customers expect a business to answer their queries anytime they raise one. Nor does it matter who is responding to the queries, be it an individual working for five years or who has joined yesterday. 

Therefore, skill development is an integral part of an organization and ensures that employees are well aware of the changing customer demands. Therefore, microlearning comes into the picture to deliver the desired results and expands development opportunities. 

4. Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is happening in an exceptional manner, especially after the pandemic when businesses began creating their digital spaces to serve their audience. 

It won’t be wrong to say that technology has become the new face of businesses and workplace learning. Work environments and people have become tech-savvy, and using smartphones has made working easier than ever. 

What’s more?

L&D platforms are being built for smartphones and other devices for people to have easy access to the same. 

Microlearning is Not Going Anywhere!

Indeed, microlearning is a terrific trend for obtaining knowledge in chunks. The good news is that the trend is not going anywhere and will continue to grow as entrepreneurs and employers recognize the potential it holds for improving productivity. 

The icing on the cake is its integration with Artificial Intelligence which personalizes the learning experience for every learner, making it an exceptional encounter. 

Do you want to harness the benefits of microlearning in your workplace? 

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What do you think?

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