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Today, monolithic systems are offering hurdles in terms of high response times, ever-increasing data volumes, and on-demand scalability for designing enterprise apps. Here are some challenges that most businesses face:

Minimal Integration Capabilities

Legacy systems’ distinct architecture hinders transition and integration with contemporary systems, which has a major influence on flexibility, scalability, and automation.


Due to a lack of end-to-end support from providers and uneven maintenance & upgrades, outdated systems are vulnerable to security attacks and breaches.


App management without automation has been shown to increase OPEX for repetitive and tedious processes, lowered productivity and efficiency IT & Cloud Consulting.

User experience

Businesses are striving to give flawless experiences to users in the digital age. As a result, legacy systems must make space for new developments.

Data Latency

Due to the latency in transmitting data in real-time, app upgrading is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions, on the basis of data generated.

Cloud Native

Leverage our expertise in Microservices, Containers, and DevOps to create safe and scalable solutions that can be deployed quickly.

Full-stack Development

We create full-stack apps that are both robust and scalable, enabling your enterprise to grow and prosper.

Mobile App Development

Our professional developers can help you design mobile apps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform to help you strengthen your workflow.

MVP Development

Our team of UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, and QA experts can assist you in creating profitable MVP as per your needs.

Data Analytics​

With our enterprise data management solutions, predictive analytics, and automation, you can manage your complicated data without any difficulty.

Ecosystem Connectors

To improve productivity and collaboration, we use best practices and create multiple ecosystem connectors.

To cut development costs, we chose the best app environment for developing an innovative app.

We ensure that the information and authentications in your enterprise app are completely safe and secure by leveraging best practices.

Our technical support experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problems.

To handle their huge flows of data, and to store, process, and analyze that data, businesses had to install a massive enterprise data warehouse, complete with data marts. In-house data warehousing necessitates distributed, scalable, and dependable IT infrastructure and knowledge, in addition to significant initial expenses. Businesses rarely use data, both organized and unstructured, for a variety of reasons. Some businesses are unsure how to make use of high-volume data sources such as social media, website visitor information, and previous sales data. Some businesses fail to comply with changing regulations that require the usage of new formats, analytics integration, and data visualizations in reports, among other things.

There are considerably better solutions available now!

At XDuce, our data engineers are skilled at capturing datasets from different sources and inserting them into databases, allowing a full team of data scientists, BI engineers, and data analysts to have quick and dependable access to combined data. This exemplifies how important data science and engineering are in today’s world. Additionally, the entire process streamlines data engineering and analytics. Data lakes, which save data in its original form, are used in engineering data management. We, XDuce, manage our operations with the help of skilled data engineers. To learn more, please contact us.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by XDuce, which provides a mix of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. We take full advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service, AWS Lambda, and Amazon CloudFront, among other services. We enable teams to focus on their products rather than the infrastructure that supports their apps.

Azure Cloud Native

Leveraging Azure’s microservices architectures, integrated development tools, and enterprise-grade security, we design cloud-native apps from the bottom up. We leverage Azure Integration, Azure APIs, Azure Web App Services, Azure Analytics, and other tools to tackle business problems with the flexibility provided by a distributed system structure Custom Software Development.

GCP Cloud Native

Experts at XDuce are well proficient with using Google cloud-native platform. Using our expertise with advanced GitOps and CI/CD abilities, as well as full-stack observability, monitoring, metrics, and alerts, XDuce personalizes, manages, analyses, and uses Google Cloud Platform GCP services such as Firebase, Firestore, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and more.

XDuce works with you to sustain the dynamic conditions of today’s business environment – with a core of permanent resources with options for flexi staffing as well. We have the experience and tools to drive decision-making, and help tailor solutions based on the organizational requirements. When you engage with us, you have the edge to ensure that your human resources are efficiently managed for business excellence.

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