Long-Term Food Storage: Why Custom Mylar Bags Are Ideal

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Dry goods like rice, beans, and flour are best kept in food storage Mylar bags for extended periods of time. Certain foods, if preserved properly, can potentially last for almost 25 years!

If you’re unfamiliar with storing food for an extended period of time in Custom Mylar Bags, you’ll find all the information you need here.

How do you define Mylar?

Mylar is the preferred plastic of every pepper. Mylar is an extremely adaptable material. Biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate is marketed under the brand name Mylar. During its initial production run in the 1950s, it served a variety of purposes, including insulation, solar filters, blueprint paper, and even kite material.

Long-Term Food Storage: Why Mylar Bags Are Ideal

In terms of long-term food preservation, Mylar bags are ideal because they are:

  • Non-porous
  • Totally gas-tight
  • Light is reflected
  • Flexible
  • Strong and resistant to punctures
  • Cheap
  • Intuitive in its operation

Sure, there are alternatives to Mylar for long-term food storage, but they either have a steeper learning curve, are more expensive, or aren’t as effective.

Selecting the Right Food Storage Mylar Bags 

There is a vast range of Mylar bags or pouches available. If you want your food to last for a long period in storage, you must choose the correct sort. It’s important to keep your food store safe.

Identifying High-Quality Mylar Bags Packaging

You can purchase Mylar bags in numerous different thicknesses. The thicker and more durable the Mylar bag, the higher the mil rating. We recommend 5 mil or 7 mil bags for dry packaging goods for long-term storage.

Different Sizes of Mylar Bags

you can find mylar bags in a variety of sizes, which you’ll notice when you shop for them. When deciding which size (or sizes) of long-term food storage containers will be most suitable for your needs,  it is important to consider the following; 

Mylar Bag, 1 Gallon Capacity

One-gallon Bags made of Mylar are the right size for storing staples like rice and beans for a family. The half-gallon and quart sizes conveniently store smaller quantities for one or two people. Items like spices and freeze-dried meat make more sense to purchase in lesser quantities than others.

Polyethylene Lined Mylar Bag, 5 Gallons, for Placement Within a Plastic Bucket

Putting dry items in a 5-gallon Mylar bag inside a plastic bucket is an excellent way to store them for an extended period. Mylar generates an oxygen barrier that drastically decreases oxygen transfer over time when placed inside a plastic bucket. The Mylar bags are protected from rodents by the bucket. A Mylar bag inside a plastic bucket will ensure the longest possible shelf life.

Choose the Perfect Size Mylar Bag for You!

The one-gallon Mylar pouches can be purchased and subsequently resized. When heated, Mylar quickly and easily forms a seal. Put the dry food into a fresh pouch, seal the top, and iron it close with the iron, hair straightener, or flat iron.

Mylar bags that can be vacuum sealed

To vacuum seal a standard Mylar bag packaging, you’ll need to invest in a high-priced commercial-grade vacuum sealer. To counter this, a basic vacuum sealer can be used to seal Mylar packs hermetically. Read more

Plastic Wrap and Used Mylar Bags

High-quality Mylar bags are worth the investment because you may use them multiple times. To get to the contents, just slit the top of the container where the seal used to be. Clean the bag well and hang it up to dry. You can then use the bag again. When you reuse a bag, you must trim off the sealed end. Therefore the bag will eventually get smaller and smaller. If you can get three or four uses out of a bag, though, they are quite cheap.

Safely storing Mylar bags

Storage areas for Mylar bags or pouches should be cold, dry, dark, and free of rodents. There should be no contact between the pouches and any hard surfaces, such as floors or walls made of concrete.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

You can print Custom Printed Mylar Bags to increase your brand value and product identification. Mylar Bags wholesale is the best option if you are looking for Mylar bags without disturbing your budget. 

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