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In basketball, rising stars always capture the attention of fans and pundits alike. One such rising talent is Lindell Wigginton. Known for his explosive athleticism and scoring ability, Wigginton has been making waves in the basketball community. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of his life, including Lindell Wigginton age, net worth, career, height, weight, personal life, awards, and more, shedding light on the journey of this remarkable athlete.

Lindell Wigginton Age25 (Born on March 28, 1998)
Net Worth$5 Million
CareerProfessional Basketball Player
Height6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
WeightApproximately 190 pounds (86 kg)
Personal LifePrivate
AwardsBig 12 Conference Freshman of the Year
Other AccomplishmentsNotable collegiate basketball career

Lindell Wigginton Age, Early Life, and Background

Lindell Wigginton was born on March 28, 1998, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, making him 25 years old. From a young age, Wigginton showed immense promise in basketball. He honed his skills by playing for various teams in his hometown and caught the attention of scouts with his exceptional talent.

Career and Achievements

Wigginton’s career took off when he decided to attend Oak Hill Academy, a prestigious basketball powerhouse in Virginia. During his time there, he showcased his skills nationally, attracting the attention of college programs across the United States. Eventually, he committed to playing for the Iowa State Cyclones in the NCAA.

At Iowa State, Wigginton continued to impress, becoming one of the team’s key contributors. His ability to score at will and create opportunities for his teammates made him a valuable asset on the court. He averaged 16.7 points per game in his freshman season and was named the Big 12 Conference Freshman of the Year. This recognition solidified his status as one of the most promising young players in college basketball.

In 2018, Wigginton declared for the NBA Draft but ultimately returned to Iowa State for his sophomore season to develop his skills further. Despite some injury setbacks, he performed high and led the Cyclones to several notable victories.

Personal Life

While Wigginton’s professional life has been the focus of much attention, he has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. Not much is known about his relationships or family background, as he tends to maintain a low profile off the court. However, his dedication and focus have been instrumental in his rise to prominence.

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Net Worth

Lindell Wigginton’s net worth is not publicly available. It is important to note that an athlete’s net worth can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as contracts, endorsements, and investments.

Height and Weight

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing around 190 pounds (86 kg), Wigginton possesses the ideal physical attributes for a guard in the game of basketball. His speed, agility, and strength allow him to excel in the sport’s scoring and defensive aspects.

Future Prospects

With his exceptional skill set and dedication to the game, Lindell Wigginton has a bright future ahead of him. Although the knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, Wigginton has likely continued to make strides in his career since then. Whether pursuing opportunities in the NBA or exploring professional leagues overseas, he has the potential to make a significant impact in the world of basketball.


Lindell Wigginton’s journey from his humble beginnings in Dartmouth to becoming a rising star in basketball is genuinely inspiring. His accomplishments at the collegiate level have laid a solid foundation for a promising professional career. As fans eagerly await his next move, there is no doubt that Wigginton’s determination and talent will continue to propel him to new heights.

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What sets Lindell Wigginton apart from other basketball players?

Lindell Wigginton’s explosive athleticism and scoring ability truly set him apart. His speed, agility, and strength allow him to dominate both sides of the court. His exceptional work ethic and dedication to the game have also contributed to his success.

Has Lindell Wigginton represented Canada in international basketball competitions?

Lindell Wigginton had not represented Canada in international basketball competitions. However, he has been a part of the Canadian basketball system and has the potential to represent his country in the future.

What are some of Lindell Wigginton’s notable achievements in college basketball?

Lindell Wigginton’s most notable achievement in college basketball was being named the Big 12 Conference Freshman of the Year during his first season with the Iowa State Cyclones. This recognition highlighted his exceptional skills and potential as a player.

Has Lindell Wigginton expressed any aspirations to play in the NBA?

Yes, Lindell Wigginton declared for the NBA Draft in 2018, indicating his aspiration to play in the NBA. While he ultimately decided to return to college for another season, his declaration demonstrated his ambition to compete at the highest level of professional basketball.

How does Lindell Wigginton contribute to his teams beyond scoring?

While Lindell Wigginton is known for his scoring ability, he also contributes to his teams in various ways. He has the vision and passing skills to create opportunities for his teammates, and his defensive prowess also allows him to impact that end of the court.

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