Lace Guide: Different Types and How They are Made?

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Lace trims have been in fashion for centuries and are used to make your attire look good. Wedding dresses have been the center point for showing lace work and making your day memorable for you. Woven textiles have been popular for centuries but there is no sufficient evidence that they contributed to European lace work.

Types of Laces

Bobbin Lace

The origin of Bobbin lace was seen in the decorative braids and trimmings to decorate clothing and home furnishings from different kinds of threads from silver gilt and colorful silks. Needle stitch developed from three different types of embroidery such as:

Cuffs of shirts and edges of collars were embellished from picots and tiny loops

Seams of the women’s clothes and joining length of the cloth

Cutwork also became famous with ornate stitching inside narrow line openings

True needlessness emerged throughout a time when foundation threads were used to make temporary backing in place of costly fabric cuts. Punto in aria was started when designers used to make geometric shapes

Jacquard Ribbon

The floral jacquard ribbon has strength and a colorful finish as it is made of premium embroidered cotton with different metallic threads. This two-inch wide ribbon has a traditional style that goes well with a variety of crafts and is ideal for guitar straps, unique headbands, belts, and other accessories. This sturdy ribbon of often seven yards gives a vintage and glamorous touch to any project and makes lovely wrappings.

Mini Pom Pom Trim

This adorable and vibrant trim is found best for cushions, curtains, and other festive projects. This soft pom trim comes in a ten-yard roll and is tightly fastened to a flexible woven trim. The trim is easy to attach with fabric edging or craft items.

Polyester white horsehair braid

This polyester horsehair braid is used to stiffen and strengthen hem edges. The one-inch wide braid is a kind of crinoline netting that is washable and dry cleanable. Furthermore, horsehair braid also gives an appealing look to bride gowns, caps, and costumes and adds to the body without adding a lot of weight.

Gimp Braid trim

This half-inch is made of polyester and has a traditional scroll design. This trim is also available in different yards and is soft, strong, and washable. It is also great for gift wrapping, jewelry, upholstery, apparel, and scrapbooking.

Chantilly lace

This lace has a delicate floral pattern that is highlighted and stitched with silk. It originally has a dark color and scalloped edges. Modern chantilly lace fabric has a wide range of hues.

Venice Lace

This is one of the finest lace used in the market. The floral or geometric designs stand out in the lace world due to their separation during the separation process. This lace is joined together by smooth threads. It is also called “lace without any mesh” or “guipure lace”.

Edging lace

A trim that is known as edging lace is straight on one side and scalloped on the other side. A thread that is used to make gathers and is often present on the straight side. This kind of lace has apertures for ribbon threading such as French edging lace. Another one of broad edging lace called flounce. Buying lace fabric often depends upon the fabric type and quantity of yards.

Gathered Lace

The top border of this lace trim is gathered for gathered lace. As the gathers are a part of this lace, so it can be simply used for the edging of garments for a frilled look. 

Insertion Lace

This lace can be used to be used between two different types of clothes and also two straight edges. Different looks can be achieved by attaching this lace with decorative stitches. Sometimes, two insertion lace can be stitched together to create a broader piece of lace. 

Crocheted Lace

The most popular lace is Irish crochet lace. This lace is the most popular handmade lace. This lace has a more organic, natural appearance and is a bit thicker than other laces. It is made of cotton fibers and is easy to dye in different colors to complement dresses. Machine-made crochet lace is also popular in the market and people are buying lace fabric in high demand.

Tatting Lace

It is like cotton knotted lace. Using a shuttle, the cotton is knotted to create a wrap and wefts of knots. It is delicate and fine and often used to trim hankies, collars, and pillowcases.

Swiss Entredeux

This lace is created for delicate and fine cotton batiste. It is a cloth strip with holes distributed equally along it. A ribbon can be threaded between the holes in the lace strip which is stitched between the lace and the cloth.


Although there are lots of places, Chantilly and Venetian are the most popular varieties of lace. Lacework is to improve the look of the cloth and can create a sense of richness in the cloth. Lace is an important part of clothing whether it is a bridal dress or cozy underwear. Buying lace fabric online is made easy by online stores and gets popular lace fabric for an appealing and compelling look for your party wear dress.

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