A Complete Guide About What Are The Different Types Of Korean Blonde Hairs?

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We’ve seen that Korean blonde hairstyles are becoming the latest trend in the past couple of years. Most Korean stars have decided to bleach and transform their naturally dark hair blonde. From platinum blondes to strawberry hues to balayage blonde hair, Korean women demonstrated that they could look gorgeous with blonde hair.

What are the reasons for the popularity of blonde Korean hairstyles?

Although Korean stars are famous for their drastic hair color changes, that wasn’t the issue for influencers, bloggers, and other women. But, over the past few years, salons for hair have seen the rise of Korean women who want to experience platinum hair and blonde hair. The reasons why Korean ladies are bleach blonde could be numerous. If they reside in America, they are seeking to conform to American fashion and culture. There are many other motives, from wanting to be more prominent to breaking conventional Korean rules.

A few Korean women believe that blonde hair boosts their confidence and makes them appear more noticeable and attractive. It’s undoubtedly inspiring the women with blonde hair Korean women to do anything they like and from Auburn and even blonde to.

Tips and maintenance

There is a lot that you could do help your blonde hair last longer and shine. Here are a few of our top methods for keeping your hair shiny and hair that is blonde. Korean hair:

  • This advice wasn’t initially by accident. It is essential to take your time when going from dark to light. Even if you’re typically hoping to see results, this isn’t the scenario. It is recommended to bleach your hair several times before getting the ideal Korean white hair. Sometimes, it takes you months before you get there; however, once you are completed bleaching, you’ll be amazed at the result.
  • When choosing the blonde color you prefer, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. The first is, do you know if the blonde color is appropriate for the tone of your face? If not, then you should select a different shade.
  • If, for instance, you are fair or pale, you could always opt for platinum or ashy shades. Gold or honey Balayage shades suit women with fair skin complexions.
  • If you’ve decided to go blonde Korean girl and want to be one, then make it gradual. We’ve mentioned before that patience is essential when bleaching your dark hair naturally. When you visit the salon for the first time, talk with your hairdresser. Stay within a maximum of 3 shades of your hair’s natural color.
  • Take it slowly, and do not overdo it this first try. A word of caution – If you bleach too often, it may result in brassy hair.
  • This advice is especially crucial if you’ve bleached your hair. Do not wash it with regular shampoo for even a few days. Use dry shampoos to help your bleach last longer and keep your hair from becoming brassy.
  • One thing which will keep the blonde locks from becoming yellow or brassy is purple shampoo. For the past few years, there have been many purple shampoos that will assist you in getting your perfect blonde color. You can mix your purple shampoo and conditioner to give your hair the treatment you require.
  • If you’ve just dyed or bleached your hair blonde, it’s best to stay clear of or avoid using hot tools. Curling irons, stylers, or straighteners could cause damage to your bleached hair, giving it a brassy look. Your hair looks dry and looks like a brittle stick.

What are the different types of Korean blonde hairs?

Coolest Korean blonde Ombre

The following are the most well-known blonde hairstyles with Ombre suitable for Korean females.

1. Honey Ombre

If you’re unsure whether you should complete your blonde hair, you can do an ombre. This will make the ends of your hair light, and you will be able to maintain the natural dark brown color of your hair’s roots.

2. Blonde Ombre

Korean blonde hairstyles are great for this, so long you keep it natural and straightforward. Dark hair with beautiful blonde ends can make you look stunning.

3. Blonde Ombre balayage

Hair with dark blonde highlights is the perfect choice for Korean girls who wish to gradually transform from their normal coffee brunette hair to totally blonde.

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Highlights of the edgy blonde for Korean women

Korean blonde highlights on hair are now trendy. It’s essential not to fall behind.

1. Golden blonde highlights

Blonde Korean hair isn’t always bleached or platinum. Most girls opt for neutral blonde shades, such as ashy or golden blonde shades. It is always possible to ensure that those highlights will make middle-parted locks appear stunning.

2. Ashy blonde hair highlights

If you’re interested in transforming hairstyles for your Korean blonde hair to look attractive, you could always apply the ashy undertones. They’ll make you appear beautiful and your hair looks chic. Even if you start to become too long, they won’t be apparent.

2. Ashy Blonde Hair Highlights

3. Honey blonde highlights

The blonde Korean girl couldn’t resist stunning highlights. They make every hairstyle attractive, eye-catching, and incredibly stylish. Do not be afraid to experiment with these.

Top Korean blonde balayage hairstyles

We have put together a list of the balayage hairstyles to wear for blonde Korean women.

1. Blonde balayage

Balayage is an incredible and trendy technique that is extremely popular. It has captured many hearts of Korean women as well. Now, they are trying it with blonde hairstyles. It is possible to soften the blonde tones when mixing them with dark or honey tones.

2. Blonde balayage bob

A loose hairstyle is a beautiful hairstyle for everyone, and it is ideal for blonde Korean women. It frames your face and provides you with a perfect clothing style every day. You can choose this beautiful Balayage with dark hair roots and ashy ends. You’ll shine every day, and this smooth short haircut makes you stand out.

3. Platinum balayage highlights

Platinum is reserved for courageous girls only. Be aware that you have to bleach the hair before you bleach it to achieve platinum hair. You can, however, try the technique of balayage. Make your roots darker, and your hair will end in a dark, ashy shade of platinum.

Korean blonde hair for various face shapes

Take a look at these beautiful blonde Korean hairstyles for various faces to determine an appropriate one for your needs!

1. The lobby for round face

It doesn’t matter if your hair is blonde or black. This Korean hairstyle is perfect for girls with a round facial shape. The messy lob hairstyle balayage is ideal for blonde Korean women who prefer an elegant and stylish look suitable for a round face and a high forehead.

2. Platinum blonde for oval face

The secret to getting this gorgeous haircut is to cut your hair to the side. Then, your face will be covered, and the other side will frame your face’s oval shape.

4. Heart-shaped face

Blonde Korean hair is in its best state. Blonde Korean hair is in its most delicate state with long waves. You can wear this style no matter the opinions of others. It’s stunning on hearts-shaped faces. This is the perfect style for the summer season.

What does the Korean girl’s hairstyle go by?

Pixie cuts are among the most popular and well-liked haircuts in Korea. But each time you see one, there is a fresh spin. Nothing different about this side-swept pixie. This one uses layers that also are swept between one side to give the head additional depth.


Whatever the reasons behind changing from virgin to Korean blonde hair color, keep it up if you have decided to change your hair color. Opt for Korean brunette hair if you’re an online blogger seeking ways to be part of an emerging society. If you’re looking to make a change to your style or follow the style of certain celebrities or influencers, go for it. Whatever you choose, you’ll be stunning in your new hairstyle.


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