Keratin Treatment: Some Easy and Effective Ways To Do Keratin Treatment At Home

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Rough, dull, and curly hair is a common problem for women. Hair is a personality representing part of our body. Hair fall, damaging hair, and curly hair look too dull for the personality. Where our body needs protein and vitamins similarly, our hair also needs protein and vitamins. So here is a treatment of your rough curly and fizzy hairs. Keratin treatment is a mixture of those vitamins and proteins which help repair your hair and make you stress-free from curly rough, and frizzy hair. Home Keratin Treatment is the best, instead of salon Keratin treatment. The homemade remedy is beneficial for hair. It includes all-natural things, which are not harmful to hair. Smooth, shiny, and strong hair is the desire of every woman. Homemade keratin fulfills these desires of women. 

What is keratin?

Our body needs protein which we get from different kinds of fruits and foods. Similarly, our hair also needs this kind of protein. The food which we eat is not enough to provide protein to our hair. So, here keratin plays its role. Keratin is a protein that is the necessity of your hair, claws, and nails skin. Keratins are also included in our internal system, for example, in our organs and glands. It is a protective protein that protects our body internally and externally.

Keratin treatment

Keratin hair treatment helps in repairing rough, dull, and curly hair. If our hair gets lost, and it loses its shine, then our hair looks so bad. In this situation, our hair needs a keratin treatment, which is full of protein. Keratin treatment makes your hair smooth, shiny, and soft. After keratin treatment, hair looks beautiful, and it is easy to manage them. Curly hair does not fully straighten, but curly hair will be smooth and shiny after keratin treatment. Keratin is not a permanent solution; the effects of keratin can remain for four months. If you want to smooth your hair permanently, then you can use some keratin products. If you use a straightener for straightening your hair, this is not a good idea because a hair straightener can damage your hair badly.

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Keratin Treatment at home

If you want to keratin your hair to look beautiful but at a low price, you should prepare the keratin treatment at home. There are some steps of keratin treatment that you can learn by reading below:

1. Purchase a keratin treatment mask

Nowadays the natural keratin masks are available in the market. You can purchase keratin masks from a market retailer or buy high-quality keratin masks from the online shopping market. After purchasing a keratin mask, you can apply it to your hair at home.

2. Prepare your keratin treatment mask at home

If you want a natural result of your hair, you should prepare your keratin mask at home. This mask is ready with a mixture of different natural ingredients. After that, you can apply it to your hair.

3. Wash hair

Before you apply the mask, you must wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. Best quality shampoos are available in the market. The shampoo helps you to clean your hair from dust and oil. It would help if you used only shampoo; conditioner is not recommended before applying a hair keratin mask.

4. Dry your hair

It is also an essential step before applying a keratin mask. After using shampoo, dry your hair with a neat and clean towel. After drying your hair, now comb your hair smoothly and firmly. It is suggested that if you want your keratin treatment maximum output, then you have left some moisture in your hair. Once you have done this, take the next step to applu the keratin mask.

5. Apply the keratin mask

Now finally, you reach this step, for which you do all the demanding prerequisites. When dry your hair with little moisture in it, do the following steps

  • First, divide your hair into three parts. By dividing your hair into three parts, you can even benefit from distributing keratin to your strands.
  • Secondly, pick the top layer of your hair gently and apply a keratin mask to it.
  • Repeat this same procedure to your second and third layer of mask.
  • The masking time varies according to the condition of your hair. Usually, a keratin mask requires a minimum of 25 minutes and a maximum of thirty minutes to keep it on your hair for good results.
  • One precaution you should take while applying a keratin mask to your hair is to keep away a keratin mask from your face. By doing this, you will be safe from its side effects.

6. Massage your hair

Wait for thirty minutes after applying the keratin mask. After thirty minutes now, it’s time to massage your hair. You are rubbing again at different times according to the situation of your hair. Massage your hair for at least six minutes. The time of massaging can be as long as 10 minutes.

7. Wash hair

Now you have done all the steps of keratin mask applying successfully. After doing all these steps, the final step is to remove the mask. After ten minutes of massaging no you have to remove the keratin mask from your hair. One pro tip is to remove the keratin mask with water only, do not use shampoo or any other kind of soap while removing the keratin mask.

Results of keratin treatments at home

Now finally, you have completed all the steps successfully and in a positive manner. After washing of hair with water now, you feel the difference by yourself. After keratin treatment, your hair looks so pretty, smooth, and shiny. Your shiny hair gives you an incredible feeling

After washing your hair, you can feel the difference between after and before. Your hair looks so pretty. Your shiny hair gives you incredible feelings.

Frequently asked questions of keratin treatment

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