Incredible Aspects of Custom Lotion Boxes That Prevent Damage

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Lotions are used by people of any age, gender, and skin type. They use lotions for cosmetic as well as medical purposes. Lotions cure dry skin and also many skin issues. Therefore, many companies are investing their time and money in the lotion business. They make high-quality lotions and deliver them to retail stores, cosmetic stores, pharmaceutical stores, and many other stores in packaging boxes.

Successful lotion companies use custom-printed lotion packaging boxes having their brand and product details printed on them to do effective promotions. Moreover, they customize the lotion packaging in versatile themes and unique styles to make their position in the market. These lotion packaging boxes not only provide a branded presentation of your lotion products but also ensures the safety of the lotion. Custom boxes maintain the quality of lotion products due to their unique features given below:

Robust and Reliable Packaging Materials

The strength of the packaging material is the concern the most. Because many customers complain that they have received broken products which is due to weak packaging materials. However, custom packaging spares you from damage. It uses high-quality materials such as Cardboard, cardstock, bux board, and Kraft. These materials are eco-friendly and flexible enough to customize per demand. The corrugation of many layers makes these materials capable of aborting harsh environmental factors like wetness, direct UV light, and dust.

Prevent Crushing

The lotion bottles can get broken if the packaging gets crushed while shipping. But, Custom Lotion Boxes of cardboard and corrugated materials are resistant to crushing and hold products safely while shipments. The corrugated boxes are solid enough to blanket lotion bottles or containers. The general thickness of these materials ranges from 10pt to 28pt. Using these materials, you can make lotion packaging boxes of various styles. Some are:

Lotion Boxes

Sleeve End Boxes

Let’s talk about the structure of sleeve end boxes. These boxes have two main components. One is the tray that is the bottom part of the boxed while the other one is a lid that closes the packaging box. These boxes are customizable per requirements in any shape, size, style, and color. They can hold lotion as well as other moisturizers in place. Moreover, they allow easy opening and closing of boxes.

Tuck End Boxes

Tuck-end boxes are one of the most widely consumed boxes for lotion packaging purposes. They have flaps to open and close the box. The tucking ends of these flaps have a strong hold on the products inside. Their flaps firmly seal the lotion packaging box and prevent leaking or collisions.

Window Cut Boxes

Window boxes for lotions are a perfect choice if you want to display your lotions on shelves or counters. These boxes are an aesthetic representation of lotion products. Moreover, these boxes protect against damage as customers don’t have to unpack and then repack the entire box. Additionally, they allow you to monitor if lotion bottles are in their safest form or not.  

PVC Sheet

Adding a PVC sheet to the window lotion packaging boxes forbids the entry of contamination factors like dust, water, smoke, or other harmful variables that can damage the quality of lotions.

Lotion Boxes

In addition to the above-mentioned lotion packaging boxes, there are also many other boxes available in the market. You can design and embellish the custom lotion boxes using printing, coloring, embossing, foiling, and also die-cutting techniques per your necessities.

Custom Partitions and Inserts On Packaging

Inserts are the best option to prohibit the crashing of lotion bottles with walls of packaging boxes. During shipment, a bumpy road knocks lotion bottles against each other and the receivers get broken lotion bottles. This kind of situation is an enemy of your business’s success because the customers would never buy from you again. However, inserts can help you to achieve protection for lotions. Furthermore, one can also add partitions in the custom lotion boxes. These inserts and partitions will prevent the lotion or moisturizer bottles from colliding with each other or with the walls of the packaging. Hence, one can safely deliver lotion products to their destination.

Coatings for Additional Protection

Add protective coatings on the lotion packaging to provide extra protection to lotion products. These coatings are furnished by many packaging companies that use the latest coating techniques to give perfect and deep-finished coating results. Lotion brands deliver lotions to different shopping spots but if lotion packaging is not durable enough then the shifting can destroy the overall presentation and quality of products. Therefore, there are many coating options, but the three most basic and important are:

Glossy coat to protect against moisture, dust, as well as, light.

Matte coat gives a satin finish to lotion packaging and hides fingerprints or some other prints. In this way, the colors of the packaging will appear more vibrant.

UV Spot protects packaging from lethal ultraviolet radiation. It also makes colors glassier, shiny, and vivid. UV coating is applied to specific areas while a glossy coat is applied to whole packaging boxes.

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