How to Win Your Injury Claim In 8 Easy Steps?

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There can be many ways negligence can cause an injury. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can do something to protect your rights and can get a claim and even deserve the full compensation for it. Consulting a personal injury lawyer can help you get recovering compensation for personal injury, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

8 Steps to win a claim for your injury

Document, Document, Document

When someone is injured, the last thing you remember is of taking photographs. A picture can be worth thousands of words. It is not uncommon that at-fault drivers apologize to you at the accident place but change their story down the road. For example, the driver or the insurance company may claim that caused the motor vehicle accident. Taking photographs of the accident can make a difference in your injury claim. 

If you are proactive, take photos of:

  • All the vehicles involved
  • The damage to all the vehicles
  • Skid marks on the roads
  • Your injuries such as bruises or cuts

It is great to have pictures of your accidents. If you met with an auto accident, you should take pictures of it which works as great evidence. In case of a fall at a business, take picture of spills or liquid for evidence. If you have a security camera, the footage of the camera will be great evidence to get your claim as fast as possible.

Don’t forget witnesses

When you met with an at-fault driver accident, take the full details such as name, telephone number, and email address of any witness of your motor accident because having an independent witness testimony in your favor can be a winning strategy for your faster personal injury claim.

Don’t talk to the insurance adjuster

Insurance companies have only one goal common in them to increase the premium amount and reduce the insurance claim. You will be surprised to know that insurance adjusters sneakily take photographs of an injured person when inspecting their damage in an attempt to make it seem like they are not injured at all.

Get the medical care you need

After being injured, look for an emergency room or emergency care center near your place to ensure that your injuries are not worse than you believe. Some injuries have delayed symptoms and the true extent of injuries may not appear at the same time.

Always be honest

In this modern age, it is difficult to hide the accident details and skip to show your medical history. You will find that there are all records of your medical history and you should be honest with your details. If you have previously been met with an accident, tell your doctor when they ask for your medical history. Knowing these details helps your doctor to make an effective diagnosis and can give you the best possible treatment also your personal injury lawyer can make effort to get the maximum claim possible. 

Have patience and trust your personal injury lawyer

It is a part of the insurance company’s policy to delay the injured person’s claim to obtain fair compensation. The main reason for this strategy is to keep the injured person waiting and they know that the injured person will be ready to make a lower amount settlement that saves money for the insurance company. Trust the process and discuss all the implications with your personal injury attorney to understand the legal process and prepare for your insurance claim.

Avoid discussing accidents on social media until the case is over

 Insurance companies are likely to view your social media accounts because they know that people often share their events on social media. A court can order an insurance company to view your social media accounts and they will make all efforts to check your social media accounts. They will check your profile via friends for getting evidence to take your photos. They can approach you via friend requests and can steal all your latest photographs and can use them against you.

Choose a personal injury lawyer where you matter

If you decided to choose an injury lawyer, you can either go to a big one or a small one. The big firm has thousands of such cases and you may even ask “do I even matter?” if you go to a small firm, they may not have the resources to take on an insurance company and they know it. 


For the fastest claim results, follow the steps given in this article and get your injury claim. Be serious about photos and witness contact details for a quick response on your injury claim.

At Whalley Law, we do not let you lost in the crowd. For us, every client matters and we take every case seriously and take on the insurance company. We understand how painful for a fight for personal injury case claim when you are already in pain. Our attorneys have cutting-edge skills to fight for your personal injury claim and understand that everyone deserves justice and we bring it to you as fast as possible. 

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