How to open advanced settings in Youtube for mobile

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How do you grow your channel by opening YouTube’s advanced settings? Then this article is for you.

In this article, I will tell you how you can open the advanced setting of your YouTube. So after reading this, you will have a complete guide to opening the advanced YouTube settings 

After growing my YouTube channel by following these steps myself, I am going to share these steps with you. Follow these steps to open YouTube’s advanced settings to get your channel shown in YouTube search results. 

How do you find youtube’s advanced settings? 

Without any further delay, let us begin. “How to open advanced settings

youtube for mobile.”

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Here you were given those tips, by following which you can easily open the youtube studio’s advanced settings.

  • First, create your account on YouTube; if it is already created, log in to it.
  • Click on your profile which will take you to YouTube Studio.
  • Click on YouTube Studio.
  • After that, click on the drop-down button appearing on the left side.
  • Click on YouTube Studio Advanced Settings
  • After clicking on it, you will reach the advanced setting where the other process will start.

After clicking on the option, you will also get many trim options.

Which people deliberately leave. But by using these options, you can take your channel to even greater heights.

How to configure youtube settings

When you click on the YouTube Studio option, many such options will be available. You can change these options to grow your YouTube channel.

The country option will appear on clicking the drop-down menu. Could you select your country by clicking on it?

It may be irrelevant or useless, but it is equally important in growing your YouTube channel. There are many more options about which I will tell you further. For this reason, many YouTube creators cannot earn much money from YouTube.

Select keywords

When a blogger writes a blog. so it needs keywords

Similarly, when YouTube creators open their channel, they also need keywords, youtube account settings, and android so that users can easily find their channel on YouTube.

You will only need to search for keyword options where you have selected the country option. Just below that, you will get the option of keywords.

Choose keywords that are related to your channel and your brand. Use keywords effectively. Use keywords specifically in the title of your video and similarly in your description. Use these keywords in your tags as well.

Your keywords will inform the YouTube algorithm about the nature of your topic. You can also access youtube channel settings for mobile.

YouTube Advanced Features Unlocked

You will get the next option of features. Whenever this option is unlocked, you do not need to do any unique settings to unlock it when you meet the basic need and requirements of YouTube.


It means that you will allow someone else to manage your YouTube channel and playlists with you.

The person who will make it possible. It can easily manage your videos and playlists without any hassle.

To give permission, you have to click on Invite. After that, you have to choose the email and role of that person and save the setting. Then you will be allowed advanced youtube settings. YouTube settings for mobile also have the same steps.


If you do not do advanced youtube settings my opinion is that. So you will never be able to show your video on youtube in search results. Due to this, you will never be able to increase your YouTube views. 

It will also make a difference to your subscribers. Keeping this in mind, Netsviral has come up with Buy YouTube Views India, and with this, you can quickly get 1000+ views on your videos without any advanced YouTube settings. 

You will get more video views without setting. If you are a beginner, try this service once. Because if beginners pay more attention to this, they can never increase their views on YouTube.

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