How to effectively maintain your electric motor?

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In recent decades, electric motors have become the most efficient and sustainable machines for industrial use. These convert clean electrical energy into powerful and reliable mechanical energy. Most medium and heavy industries put all their trust in electric motors that help them increase productivity.

The problem is that when one of these machines fails or one of its components breaks down, an electric motor’s downtime can negatively impact your company’s productivity. Therefore, it is essential to have mechanisms that help us properly maintain your electric motors in a timely manner.

Electric motor maintenance

Electric motor repair denver co allows their team to inspect and repair vital components and ensure they are working before they fail in your system. Maintenance processes are often overlooked, leading to undesirable results for the staff, the company, and the engine itself.

Executing inspection and repair work is also vital to ensure correct operation and extend the life of the electric motor. Neglecting an electric motor’s proper maintenance can lead to its parts’ progressive deterioration or cause a complete stop in operations. Regular and proactive maintenance can prevent engine failure and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Importance of maintenance of electric motors

Not only is it essential to keep an electric motor in good working order, but it is also vital to consider the safety of the people who operate the machinery. An electric motor, especially an industrial grade one, is usually a large investment preferable to take care of through the correct maintenance program implementation. You don’t need extensive knowledge of electric motors to perform maintenance, but you need a regular, proactive program combined with timely data collection and observations.

How are electric motors composed?

Electric motors are made up of a stator and rotor, which are responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. This is possible by the action of magnetic fields generated in the internal coils.

Electric motors are characterized by their constant speed and high performance in each type of operation. They also have autonomous ventilation and an external cooling system that increases the engine’s efficiency.

Electric motor management strategies

Preventive maintenance is performed regularly with a proactive approach. The goal is to prevent breakdowns before they occur and to prevent unexpected shutdown of the engine. This maintenance is carried out planned, verifying that the adjustments, lubrication, and replacement of parts are as the manufacturer recommends regarding the engine’s workload.

Corrective maintenance is a reactive approach, requiring action only when an engine failure occurs that interrupts its operation. This approach is used when preventive work is too expensive or risky. 

In general, proactive approaches provide the best results, ensuring that electric motors work at maximum efficiency, reduce repair costs, ensure continuous operation, and extend the life of vital components.

Ways to maintain an electric motor effectively.

The objective of scheduling maintenance schedules for electric motors is to ensure the proper functioning of the vital components of a system. One of the advantages of having a periodic schedule is that the maintenance team remains familiar with the equipment and can effortlessly detect any anomalies that could pose a risk to the operation of the electric motor.

Among the most frequent tasks beyond visual inspections, the most important is cleaning and lubrication. Using suitable lubricants reduces friction, and the heat generated protects the electric motor from the effects of corrosion. However, care must be taken that no excess lubricant could affect the windings’ operation. It is also essential to test the winding by disassembling and inspecting windings. This is an ideal opportunity to test insulation and resistance levels.

Many companies require attention and efficient production management to manage their human and material resources and guarantee efficient and sustainable operation. Due to the large workloads and information that must be handled in industrial environments, the use of specialized software that automates maintenance routines is essential in any organization.

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