Getting Married on Blockchain? It can be done and it’s cheap and fast

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The marriage must take place according to tradition, respecting the rules of the canonical ritual. Or maybe not? What if it was possible to get married using the Blockchain ?

One of the nice applications of Blockchain technology is in fact that of exchanging “the eternal yes” by immortalizing one’s feelings in a distributed digital register in order to make declarations of love truly immutable.

We recall that, simplifying, the Blockchain represents an open source digital register , widespread and distributed among all users, capable of recording data and information in an imperishable and verifiable way by any individual.

If the data in question were represented by a promise of marriage, a phrase of love, a serenade, or a tokenized gift, then it would be possible to conceive a sort of “digital love” on Blockchain .

Tokenized Marriage: Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky

This is the case of two employees of one of the largest exchanges in the world, Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky, who on March 14, 2021 decided to carry out a “hybrid” marriage between physical reality and digital reality .

In fact, parallel to the physical ceremony, a virtual ceremony was also held in which the two exchanged tokenized wedding rings on the Blockchain .

Basically, during the celebration the classic physical exchange of the rings did not take place, but a transaction on the Blockchain through the smartphones of the spouses .

A cheap and fast wedding

The process of tokenization and validation of transactions cost the bride and groom $587 in fees , a figure which, when compared to the average costs for a physical wedding in the United States, or about $25,000, makes us think about the alleged need to commemorate one’s feelings in the traditional way rather than following an alternative route.

Furthermore, the peer-to-contract exchange, i.e. taking place via a smart contract, was certified and registered on the Blockchain in just about 4 minutes .

The bride, Rebecca stated that:

“Blockchain, unlike physical objects, is forever. It’s unstoppable, impossible to censor, and doesn’t require anyone’s permission. Just the way love should be.

What could be more romantic.”

Get married by scanning a QR code

Rebecca and Peter’s story is not new. In fact, theirs is not the first time that a wedding has been celebrated via Blockchain.

In fact, in 2014 , two other young spouses decided to formalize their love by scanning a QR code . It all happened during a private conference in Orlando, Florida .

Although the practice of getting married in a digital version remains limited to a niche context for the moment, nothing excludes the possibility of seeing a surge in similar cases in the coming years.

This is just one of the potentialities and functions that the Blockchain and the implementation of digital contracts can generate.

Even in its small and occasional form, these applications reveal one of the most fascinating sides of this emerging technology.

What will happen in the future? We’ll see! Lets Talk about Cyber security

Backdoor. A Remote Access Trojan (RAT) programme called DarkComet can run in the background and secretly gather data on the system, users who are connected to it, and network activity. Backdoor. DarkComet might try to steal saved login information, usernames, passwords, and other private and secret data. The author may designate a destination for the transmission of this information. Backdoor. DarkComet may also permit an attacker to deploy new software to the compromised system or instruct the compromised system to join a malicious botnet that is used to spread spam or carry out other nefarious deeds.


DarkComet could operate invisibly in the background and give the user no evidence that they are infected. Backdoor. Additionally, DarkComet may disable security features for Microsoft Windows and antivirus software.

Kind and origin of the infection



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