Why is it so difficult to get more followers on Instagram?

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When Instagram first launched. Initially, organising Instagram followers was not a major concern for individuals, but today gaining Instagram followers is. It might not be as simple as it once was.

but you can increase your followers. Huh. You can also do some tips and tricks.

This article will be only about how to increase followers on Instagram. I am going to tell you this article in very easy language, after reading which you can easily get more followers on Instagram. You have to read it completely.

 Because if you missed a small step of this article, you will not understand how to get how many followers on Instagram. Let’s start with Why is it so difficult to get more followers on Instagram?

Consistency is always a key to staying focused on your goal

You may have heard that consistency is key, create the type of content that your users will love and post it consistently. By doing this your engagement rate goes on high, which increases your chances of get more followers.

When you use Instagram for marketing, the importance of consistency reaches a different level. You may have noticed that many brands that have touched success on Instagram have also worked on consistency.

Only with consistency is it possible to reach more users and gain the trust of the audience. Consistency becomes very important in increasing your popularity or your brand’s reach on Instagram.

If you stop writing on a regular basis. Your customers’ trust will be harmed, and your fans will never be loyal to you.

The Instagram followers who will be displayed on your profile will also be erased.

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Don’t forget to use hashtags correctly

The precise usage of hashtags and their combination aids in reaching new individuals. The proper use of hashtags brings your message to the notice of the intended audience. people want to read and view your message.

The hashtags you use will interact with the category groups of your posts and if your posts don’t have hashtags,

You will not be able to reach the right users, so you will not be able to gain more followers.

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags so you can easily add hashtags related to your category to your posts.

Choose hashtags related to your topic like #Instagram #Instagramfollowers #Instagramlikes By doing this you apply 30 hashtags in your post and increase your account.

You know that if you do not use hashtags properly, then your post will not reach the users, nor will the algorithm of your post understand what topic it is related to and which users it would be appropriate to show.

To begin, just the Instagram Algorithm will view your post. whether the Algorithm allows your post. Then, once your post reaches another user. You will have an increase in followers.

Live video is like your friend which can increase your followers.

Nowadays video content is not the most used trend, live video is leading the market. Research has found that people spend up to 8 times longer in live video than in other activities.

People nowadays prefer watching live videos to reading text, and they prefer to share information through video. 

Nowadays video content has become the best way to increase followers and if you have made your video content attractive and unique then it takes a lot of time to grow on Instagram, as I told you that nowadays people spend time on other activities on Instagram. Huh. 

They spend eight times more time on live videos than that, which shows how easily you can get more followers on Instagram worldwide through live videos.


Getting followers is no longer as simple as it once was. as it used to be since the number of Instagram users is now in the millions, therefore many users fight for Instagram followers.

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