Future Emerging Trends in the Gaming Industry

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Technology evolves at a breakneck pace. Look no further than the gaming industry for real proof of how swiftly digital technology has grown over time.

All players, whether casual or serious, have had an exciting journey. Most of us have a list of desirable future game outcomes. It’s tough to forecast whether they will occur, but we can extrapolate from present patterns, which is the whole point of this research. Here are some upcoming game aspects to look out for.

Immersive Gaming: The Return of Virtual Reality (VR)

Some of you may be surprised to find that 3D movies have existed for almost a century. The technique has not taken off since then due to high costs. 3D technology has just recently returned, not only for gaming displays but also for films such as Avatar.

The graphics quality of video games has also improved to the point that it is impossible to distinguish between a video game and a real-world situation. There seems to be a trend toward more immersive digital entertainment, ranging from games to movies. The issue is, where do we go from real-world 3D graphics and beyond?

Virtual Reality Makes a Comeback

Because of substantial technological developments that improved device capabilities, virtual reality (VR) has reemerged in the gaming industry. Palmer Luckey’s forthcoming Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD), is remarkable.

Extra screen gaming

Because of the growing market for portable devices like smartphones and tablets, the competition between the three major companies (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) has escalated, with a race to build a secondary gaming device for customers.

Wii U

Consider the newly released Wii U GamePad, which has an embedded touchscreen that may be utilize to improve games. In first-person shooter games, the second screen allows you to rapidly access the map or your inventory without leaving the playing area. A second screen may be use for various purposes, and this ZombiU gameplay clip is a good illustration of how it can improve the gaming experience (Warning: the video contains gore and violence).


With the release of the Xbox SmartGlass, Microsoft has caught up to the competition. However, unlike the Wii U, the SmartGlass software is a bonus for gamers. It may be downloaded and accessed from smartphones and tablets to enhance the gaming experience.

Cross-Play for Xperia

Sony has taken the first step toward enabling players to stop their game on one device and resume it on another by deploying the Cross-Play functionality on the Playstation 3 and PS Vita.

Playable gaming

Examining the quantity of free (or low-cost) independent games available on mobile devices might provide insight into where games may go in the future: It’s free software! For example, the Ouya video game gadget, which will be introduced in April 2013 and run on Android, is based on the premise that games should be inexpensive to make and acquire. You can pre-order it here.

Independent developers do not need to invest in a costly software development kit (SDK) to create and sell games. It’s simple to understand why Ouya is so popular, with a 1080p gaming experience and a wide variety of free and affordable games for just USD 99.

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Game Development

Anyone who wants to make a game may do so since the console functions as a development kit. Because game manufacturing is more accessible and inexpensive, more imaginative game developers are developed, expanding the range of free-to-play games available to all gamers. Similarly to how YouTube has democratized video production, it is feasible that huge game developers may no longer have entire control over games in the future.

Reality Augmented (AR)

In augmented reality, in addition to viewing your actual physical environment, you will get extra digital information or digital data overlaps in real-time. Wikitude, a smartphone application, will be an outstanding example of AR. As you point your smartphone in the direction of your surroundings, the screen will highlight local restaurants, ATMs, hotels, and other areas of interest.

It is a pre-existing gaming software similar to DroidShooting, a simple shooter game with in-game environment interactivity. While holding your smartphone up, you must shoot targets that appear all around you. The gaming here is quite simple, yet there is potential for such a game concept.

Web-3 gaming

Cloud computing technology is gaining acceptance as internet connections get faster and more reliable. Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, believes that cloud gaming is an important part of the industry’s future. Web3 Game Development views it as an opportunity to make games as accessible as music and movies.


They say that forecasting how technology will develop in the future has never been reliable since it is hard to predict how we would deviate from a product’s initial purpose.

Despite this, it is exhilarating to know that the game business is breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries. On the other hand, I’d rather sit back and see how the future games unfold.

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