Factors To Check Before Buying A Second-Hand Bike In India

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As we all know India is one of the largest manufacturers and high-in-demand users of two-wheelers all across the world. Most of the general public in the country ride two-wheelers like motorcycles and scooters to reach their specific destinations with ease. Specifically, bikes have become omnipresent in every single direction of India and are considered a cost-effective medium to travel short and long distances.

Several individuals prefer to buy a new bike to meet their pleasure of riding a comfortable ride. While there is a section of people who try to sell bike online or offline to get some extra cash and buy a new one. And our blog is completely related to such individuals who prefer to buy second-hand bikes due to budget or any other constraint.

Why go for a Second Hand Bike?

Before we began sharing the tips and tricks that you can follow to buy an ideal choice of old or second-hand. Let’s first understand the reason for laying hands on buying a second-hand two-wheeler.

· Cost-Effective Option:

First and foremost reason to lay hands on a second-hand motorcycle is the cost factor. At times, some people do not have the budget to buy a brand-new motorcycle but still require a two-wheeler to reach a specific destination on time. Therefore, buying a second-hand motorcycle becomes the first set of preferences. And old bikes are affordable, cheaper, and easy to avail from a reliable online or offline partner after having a test ride.

· Already in Running Condition:

A section of people prefer to buy a while already in running condition to best cover long distances with ease. It is the preference to ride a motorcycle that has already covered thousands of kilometers of distance and is in the best condition to ride with ease. For such a section of individuals, there is nothing better than buying a second-hand bike from a reliable source.

· The Trusted Choice of Vehicle:

Getting a fully-functional and good-condition second-hand bike is no longer a hassle for you. Platforms like Hero WOT (Wheels of Trust) is available online for existing riders to know old bike price and then sell for an exchange. Such a platform enables deep-rooted technical and mechanical checks of two-wheeler before buying from existing riders. And after that, you can reach the Hero Motocorp brand to buy their accumulated and well-tested choice of second-hand bikes at a low cost.

· Recommended by Ideal Brands:

Even several brands and auto experts recommend people having a minimal budget buy a second-hand motorcycle of good & running condition. Just like we have mentioned Hero Motocorp has WOT platform for bikers. To get a real-time way to check motorcycle value after thorough checks and flexibility of avail of the new bike in the exchange offer. After that Hero Motocorp sells these second-hand bikes to other customers at a cost-effective price.

Basic Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know the reasons to buy a second-hand motorcycle in India. it’s time to keep a few basic considerations in mind before buying one.

· Find Your Purpose for Purchasing a Bike:

When thinking about laying hands on a second-hand motorcycle, first know your purpose for doing the same. For instance, you need a motorcycle for reaching your workplace on time, do shopping, run your own business while moving to different locations, or for any other purpose.

· Do Thorough Research on Second-Hand Bikes:

Once you have a clear purpose of owning a second-hand motorcycle of your choice within a limited budget. The next step is to start conducting thorough research on the choice of the motorcycle to buy from a reliable place. You can find nearby second-hand bike stores or even brand-specific platforms where you see a wide range of good-condition old motorcycles at a cost-effective price. It is imperative to conduct intensive research before coming across an ideal motorcycle.

· Take a Test Ride to Know the Running Condition:

It is a matter of essential concern to ride before you buy a second-hand motorcycle of your choice. No matter what, the external look of the old bike still looks new, enticing, and perfect from every single. Its engine and running condition matter the most to make it worth buying as a second owner. Therefore, whenever you find a second-hand motorcycle, get a test ride for about 10-15 min across particular road conditions to get a performance idea. Moreover, you can even ask your bike mechanic to take a test ride on your behalf because he knows better about the engine condition and other flaws.

· Conduct a Thorough Inspection of the Second-Hand Ride:

One of the most essential things to keep in mind while buying a second-hand two-wheeler is conducting a thorough and deep-level inspection. You must check the motorcycle in terms of technicalities and mechanical functions with the help of a bike mechanic. Although, second-hand bike inspection covers several factors that we will talk about in the next part of the blog. Still, you must consider this point as an important one.

Mechanical Specifications of the Second-Hand Bike to Look After

It is essential to always look for the mechanical and technical details of a second-hand motorcycle before buying. You must check various aspects of the motorcycle in terms of its parts, components, and various mechanical features like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Lighting System: One of the prime things you need to check on a second-hand motorcycle is the complete lighting system. It means, the headlight, taillight, and indicators must work in a proper fashion with no such electrical default. If you find any fault in any of the lights, then ask the owner to buy the original Hero spare part and replace the broken light.
  2. Brakes: A simple yet another major component of a two-wheeler is the effective braking system. You must check the brake’s capacity after taking a test ride. Also, check, if there is any leakage of broken oil, brake wire is in good condition, any rust on the wire, or things like that.
  3. Engine: The most powerful terrain of your motorcycle is its engine and it must be checked deeply with the help of an expert partner. Since an engine is a very complex machine, you need to check its components, parts, wiring, electrical current, fuel flow, sound, and other things before buying.
  4. Suspension: Undoubtedly, a motorcycle rides on robust tires, but the complete structure is mounted on a strong suspension. So, the suspension plays a vital role in giving an optimum level of riding comfort to riders along with taking all the bumps and bruises with ease.

However, most second-hand bikes have worn-out suspension, leakage in shockers, or extra softness in the capacity. You must check all such points before buying a second-ownership motorcycle.

  1. Rust: Another key concern to look after is any sign of rust on the motorcycle. It could be on the fuel tank, nuts, bolts, chain, or any other major to minor part. Accumulation of rust on the bike implies a weakened condition and it may break down in the near future. So, ask the owner to treat the rust with a particular rust-proof treatment before selling the vehicle.
  2. Tires: Bike tires must be in good shape with no such wear and tear on the surfaces. If it is a tubeless tire, then the surface must be robust and have no signs of puncture patches. Even in the case of a tube tire, you must check with a puncture specialist to find any patches on the tube surface.
  3. Chain: The condition of the chain and sprocket must be good enough to provide seamless riding conditions to the motorcycle. As we mentioned above, there should not be any rust on the chain along with no such wear and tear in the locks. If it requires, then ask the bike owner to replace the old worn-out chain with a brand-new and genuine one.
  4. Chassis: It is essential to check the chassis condition in and out. The chassis must be thoroughly inspected with the aid of a mechanical specialist or might be at the bike service center.
  5. Clutch: Clutch is another important part of your motorcycle that comprises a wire and a level. Check whether the wire is in loose condition or not and also the lever. It does take much price to replace the old clutch lever and wide with a new one.
  6. Battery: Your motorcycle’s battery is an integral part that helps pass the electrical current to your horn, indicators, light switches, and self-start motor. Make sure the battery is fully charged and in good condition before buying the second-hand two-wheeler of your choice.
  7. Oils: Oil inside a motorcycle is of different types mainly the engine oil, brake oil, and the oil inside your shockers. Do change the engine and brake oil before laying your hands on the second-hand vehicle. As far as shocker oil is concerned, there should not be any leakage.
  8. Fuel Tank: Lastly, the fuel tank of a second-hand motorcycle must be deeply checked in terms of any leakage, hole, or rust around the surfaces. You can also look at the paintwork on the fuel tank before buying the same.

Documents of a Bike that Need to be Checked

Once you perform the mechanical, riding, and technical tests of the second-hand motorcycle. Next to check is the complete set of paperwork to ensure buying it legally. The papers of the motorcycle must be genuine and original to prevent any sort of traffic violation.

· Registration Certificate: Better known as the RC of a motorcycle that has its nameplate number, engine number, date of manufacturing, chassis number, owner’s name, and other details mentioned on the same. You must ask for the original copy of the RC from the bike’s owner .

· Tax Certificated: The two-wheeler must be having a valid tax certificate in the original copy.

· Pollution Certificate: PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate is another imperative document required. As per the Indian transportation law, every vehicle including a two-wheeler must be having a valid PUC certificate issued by a legal entity and valid for a specific period. In case, the PUC certificate of your selected second-hand motorcycle is expired, then ask the owner to renew the same.

· Valid Bike Insurance: You need to check whether the motorcycle has valid auto insurance. It is imperative to have comprehensive bike insurance that covers the rider and third-person safety. Only having third-party insurance is not enough.

· Service History: Another thing you must ask from a two-wheeler owner is the service history of the bike. It is mandatory to have regular service of a motorcycle in the past to ascertain its condition. Moreover, it further showcases that owner has taken good care of the bike for all these years.

· Bike’s Manual: Further ask for the bike’s service manual that covers every single technical detail of the vehicle. You need to read more about your motorcycle, its engine, technical details, and other information.

· NOC: It stands for No Objection Certificate which implies the motorcycle owner has no issue in handing over the bike to you and is ready to transfer in your name. So, make sure the NOC certificate is received in its original format and must be stamped.

Where to Find Second-Hand Bikes?

Now with all the above useful information that we have shared about buying a second-hand bike. the next thing to know is the best place to buy it. You have numerous options like individual bike owners, dealers, and other stakeholders. From where you can buy an ideal old motorcycle. But our recommendation goes towards brand-specific second-hand motorcycle offers.

For instance, WOT platform allows two-wheeler owners to get real-time bike valuation belonging to any brand and buy a new bike in exchange. Thus, you can reach Hero Motocorp’s Wheels of Trust platform or the center to ask for buying their accumulated range of second-hand motorcycles.

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