Essential Packaging Materials That eCommerce Retailers Should Have

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We all know the necessity of packaging materials in an eCommerce business. Just as the retail products, the packaging items should be of good quality. It is only then the retail items will be shipped safely to the door of the customers. Therefore, as an eCommerce retailer you should never compromise with the quality of the packaging products. In fact, you should always keep essential packaging products in stock, which you may need frequently to ship your items. The packaging supplies that you use must be strong, sturdy, sustainable, customisable and eco-friendly. If you have good quality retail items and good quality packaging products, you are definitely going to gain more potential customers.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the essential packaging supplies (packaging supplies UK), that you must have with yourself as an eCommerce retailer. It is easy to get these packaging from the nearby shops or you can order online as well. For instance, Wellpack Europe is one of the famous wholesale and retail packaging suppliers in the UK, where you will get different types of packaging products, such as, packaging tapes, bubble wrap rolls, cardboard packaging boxes, corrugated paper rolls, jiffy envelopes, kraft paper and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the essential packaging materials that every eCommerce business owner must have.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

One of the most basic and essential packaging supplies, corrugated cardboard boxes are the must for your eCommerce business. These boxes protect your items from every potential damage during the time of shipping and transit. It can carry heavy items, lightweight items, strong and fragile items as well. It is customisable in nature, hence, you can give different shapes to this box according to the shape and size of the item to be pack-ed. In fact, it is available in different shapes and sizes in the market, or you can just customise it as per your convenience. Corrugated cardboard box protects the items from shock, impact, vibration, dust, dirt, UV rays, breakage and other potential damage. You can either use a single wall cardboard box or a double wall cardboard box, depending on the items to be pack-ed. This box is eco-friendly as well, which is further beneficial to the environment.

Cushioning Materials

If you sell electronic devices, furniture items, glassware, chinaware, books, jewellery, showpieces and other fragile, luxurious, delicate and breakable items online, you should definitely have cushioning materials in your list of packaging materials. Bubble wrap is one such packaging material that is us-ed for wrapping fragile and delicate items. It is a plastic sheet with one side containing the air bubbles. These air bubbles act as cushions for the retail items and hence protect them from damage during transit. You need to properly wrap the items with bubble wrap and then put it inside the box. This ensures that the item is safe during the transit and reaches to the customer safely and securely. Large bubble wrap is generally us-ed to wrap the large size retail items and the small bubble wrap for the small size items. Anti static bubble wraps are used for electronic devices.

Void Fillers

Another packaging material that you must have as an eCommerce business owner is a void filler. It is the most essential packaging material when you are shipping the fragile items. Make sure that you do not overfill the box with void fillers, or else you will face the problem of sealing the box in the end. Foam peanuts are a type of void filler that is used for shipping fragile items. After wrapping the items with bubble wrap, you need to put it inside the box, as mentioned above. But the item does not occupy the entire space inside the box. If the voids are not fill-ed, the item will move inside the box during transit and there are chances that it may break. So fill the voids with foam peanuts and kraft paper, which is another type of packaging material used to fill the voids inside the box.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are used at the end of the packing process. After putting the items inside the box and filling the voids inside the box, you need to seal it properly. At that time you will require the strong packing tape that will keep the box completely seal-ed and won’t break during shock and vibration.   

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