Educational Technology Trends That’ll Take Students of India by Storm!

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The education sector has introduced multiple intriguing trends that have improved students’ lives in terms of knowledge and skills. Now that student demand is dynamic, trends come and go each day, leaving an impact that will stay for years to come. 

Whether primary or high school, one trend that has led to a shift from offline classes to an online approach is the digital transformation! 

Are you a student? A parent? Industry expert? Then, you would know! 

Unsurprisingly, edtech have now come to be known as the school 2.0, and the demand for it is spiking day by day. 

Did you know?

The education industry in India is likely to hit 30 billion USD in the upcoming years! 

Not to forget mentioning, the credit goes to mobile technology, virtual reality, cloud services, immersive learning, and whatnot! 

Therefore, if you’re a part of the industry and want to make a smooth transition from a brick-and-mortar store to edtech, this article will precisely talk about the in-demand trends in India. 

Are you excited? 

We can imagine your eyes sparkling! 

It’s time to spill the beans!

For anyone looking forward to making an investment in the future of education, here are a few top-notch trends worth admiring: 

1. Social Learning

Social learning is all about human interaction in the electronic space that amalgamates class-wide chatrooms, online forums, and more. Students can come together on a social platform to share their opinions from any corner of the world, whether in their homes, classrooms, etc. 

The icing on the cake is the ability to grow and become a major part of the school-wide curriculums.

Awesome, isn’t it? 

2. Adaptive Learning 

This trend of learning emphasizes personalization and brings together resources, activities, assignments, and whatnot tailored as per students’ requirements. 

A large chunk of educational institutions are adopting the methods of adaptive learning, since it works with the algorithms and provides a seamless learning. 

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3. Video Lessons

Learners have their own way of absorbing knowledge and information, and it can be categorized into visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Not to forget mentioning, it works the best when integrated with video demonstrations, practicals, etc. 

While auditory has been the long-adopted method, it is no longer the case with the advent of efficient e-learning platforms, as videos have now become an important element. 

4. Microlearning

It goes without saying that each learner is different in the manner they grasp knowledge and information. However, what’s much better is breaking up the entire data, lessons, and any other study material into chunks for easy consumption. Notably, these chunks can be in the form of videos, images, audio, etc., and are known as microlearning. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

The meaning of Artificial Intelligence or AI has expanded, and its text-based bots have taken over the world, some of the best examples being Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. 

Now, AI is being leveraged in e-learning that guides students throughout their learning journey and provides personalization by taking note of the learning predictions. 

6. Mobile Learning

One of the most appropriate trends to consider is mLearning, and massive credit goes to the internet evolution. Not very long ago, smartphones were only restricted to making phone calls and 8-bit games. However, the availability of the internet has now made downloading e-learning apps and studying on the go. 

7. Gamification

Whether a 4-year-old or an adult, it is always fun when activities are mixed-up with games and frolic. Having realized the opportunity, learning is now incorporated with gamification to get rid of boring lectures and textbook learning. 

Of course, it’s not all about games; however, the interaction is at its best, and it improves the concentration level of students. 

8. Virtual and Augmented Reality- The Fun Part!

How does the idea of 360-degree visuals sound to you? 

Interesting, right?

Well, it is no longer just an idea but the integration of augmented and virtual reality into e-learning applications is for real.

The technologies enable students to entirely immerse themselves in the learning environment and make learning much more amusing. 

In a Nutshell 

As mentioned above, there are multiple edtech trends that tremendously contribute to making the concept of learning much more delightful. 

Who doesn’t get inclined towards uniqueness and fun? And if you develop an e-Learning that provides the combination of the same, there’s nothing that can stop you from acquiring well-deserved success.

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Happy innovation!

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