Dos and Don’ts When You Realize You Have Bed Bugs

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Bed bug infestation is a nasty situation. According to a couple of studies, bed bugs are one of the hardest to eliminate – even more difficult than termites, ants, and cockroaches. It is important to detect an infestation early before it gets worse. Detection should follow a specific process in order to determine how effectively your countermeasures can do their jobs. This includes inspection, monitoring, decluttering, sanitizing, and using chemicals or pesticides. Though it depends on the infestation and type of treatment you need, it can take a lot of time, work, and money to completely get rid of bed bugs. 

The good news is that you can get rid of them if you commit yourself to knowing the best possible solutions to eliminate these pests. Being vigilant and focusing on bed bug prevention is your best trick. It is important to be mindful of all your surroundings. Regular inspections and assessments are the best methods of prevention against these infestations.

If you have confirmed that you have a bed bug infestation follow Dos and Don’ts when addressing the situation. Following these tips could save you time and money:

Bed Bugs Do’s:

  • Identify and confirm if it is a bed bug infestation
  • Take action to clean and organize your living spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Remove all infested furniture and fixtures safely away from the bedroom and thoroughly clean them before moving them back in
  • Discourage yourselves from buying second-hand or used mattresses and sofas
  • Wash clothes, sheets, beddings, and fabric items in hot water and dry them in a heat dryer for an ample amount of time
  • Thoroughly clean all infested rooms but do it one by one so that you may not contaminate the other rooms. These bugs are very good hitchhikers. They may accompany you wherever you go.
  • Throw away old clothes and linens that may harbor these bugs
  • Clean and vacuum all surfaces regularly from tables, chairs, curtains, blinds, shelves, and other suspected furniture. 
  • Look for possible hiding places like holes, electric outlets, wires, shoes, and dirty laundry. These bugs are very inconspicuous and hide very well. Especially the cracks and crevices where bed bugs tend to hide
  • Tell your family and friends not to visit you until the infestation has been addressed.
  • Use specific pesticides or insecticides that are safe for you and the environment
  • Call a reputable and reliable pest control professional 
  • Follow all measures and tips given by the exterminator
  • Research and find out which pesticide and insecticide will work best for the extermination of bed bugs
  • Install bed encasements that are made of plastic to eliminate some hiding spaces for these bugs
  • Keep your room clean and sanitized. 
  • Organize your belongings

Bed Bugs Don’ts

  • Don’t ignore a possible infestation. Early detection will increase your success in eradicating the pests
  • Don’t use alcohol and other flammable fluids
  • Don’t transfer from one bed to another. This will encourage the bugs to relocate and make it harder for you to eliminate them
  • Don’t use other insect repellants. Bed bugs may be immune to conventional insecticides
  • Don’t keep things under the bed. These can encourage the bed bugs to hide there
  • Don’t move furniture or things from one room to another
  • Don’t use foggers and bug bombs. These have been known to have little to no effect on these insects
  • Don’t waste money on buying new furniture and or preventive measures
  • Don’t bring used items directly inside your home. Thoroughly inspect and clean them before letting them inside
  • Don’t immediately throw away your furniture. Assess first whether the infestation may be controllable and whether your things might still be salvaged

Tips for fighting bed bugs 

Pesticides and Insecticides should always be used cautiously. Follow instructions correctly. There are safety labels on the container that needs to be read carefully.

You can never guarantee that your home will be 100% safe from these bugs. The best offense is a good defense. The bed bug treatment in York, PA says that prevention is always easier than eliminating them in the future. Always be vigilant. It takes time and effort to get rid of bed bugs. Also learning the best way to control them will also help if you are the type that does things on your own. It will save costs contrary unlike hiring professionals all the time. One advantage of hiring an exterminator is that you can save time. Bed bug control can also be considered an entry-level workload.  It can be very tiresome and expensive. But it is important to be proactive in the treatment measures to control the spread of these insects. Always keep track of the work done. Careful monitoring will ensure that in the future you may need to look back on the dos and Don’ts when dealing with bed bugs. 

Take action ASAP!

Bed bugs will never be out of our lives forever. We only need to prevent and control their numbers by having a proactive mindset. Always remember, all problems have solutions. Get rid of those bloodsuckers as soon as possible!

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