The Step By Step Guide About How To Hang Curtains Over Blinds?

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It’s ideal to have blinds in your home to maintain privacy, but they may not always be pleasing to the eye. In contrast, curtains add plenty of style to your home while creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. A renter is usually forced to choose between one and another type of window treatment.

Both have pros and cons, but you’re often forced to choose if you’re a renter. Despite what you might think, it doesn’t have to be that way: You don’t have to choose between curtains and blinds, no matter your circumstances. This guide is all about how to hang curtains over blinds in detail.

What is the material required to hang the curtains over blinds?

Curtains can be easily placed over blinds with a few tools, some instructions, and a vision. Almost all of the tools you need are probably already in your possession. Rather than purchasing them for single use, consider borrowing them from a friend or neighbor. The following tools are needed before you begin installing curtains over blinds:

  • The pencil
  • The note pad
  • Measurement tape
  • The screwdriver or screw gun
  • The hammer

The tape measure can be used to measure your windows and curtains, and your pencil and notepad can record them so you can refer to them later. It is important that the curtains are wide enough to cover all windows and blinds. Screwdrivers and screw guns can be used to drive screws into brackets.

You don’t have to use a hammer to anchor sheetrock, but making it available is a good idea. With the help of these anchors, heavy curtains can be supported.

Steps about how to hang curtains over blinds

Determine the height of curtain rods.

It would help if you mounted curtain rods correctly, or your perfect-length curtains would not hang correctly. Rods that are too close to windows can make a space appear smaller. Make sure your curtain brackets are the correct size by measuring the depth of your window molding. Ensure that the curtain brackets extend past the depth of the trim before installing them. If your curtains are too shallow, you will have difficulty hanging them properly.

Using a pencil and tape measure, place your curtain brackets 4 to 6 inches above your window frame, so your curtains brush the ground lightly or hover just above it. To ensure that plenty of natural light can enter the room, the curtain bracket should be placed about 6 inches away from the outside edge of the window frame.

Roller blind installation

The first step is to check the roller blinds already installed on your window frame to determine whether they are inside or outside the frame. Doing so lets you determine how your curtains should be mounted on the drapery rod or curtain track.

Before you go shopping, take measurements. Be sure to leave a little room on either side of the recess if you intend to install the blinds inside. Cut-to-size blinds are unavailable at the hardware store if the available ones do not fit.

Getting the measurements of the window recess is the first step in putting curtains over blinds. You should leave enough space for the blinds on both sides of the holiday. Ensure that there are no hidden cables or pipes. Place the brackets above the window after marking the placements. A spirit level can be used to ensure that they are perfectly level.

Once the blind has been rolled up, it needs to be unrolled. After that, mark the cardboard tube with a pencil to determine its width. After you’re satisfied with the width, cut the line with a hacksaw. Offcuts of the wood should be used to protect the surface underneath.

Curtain Track Installation

When you put curtains over blinds, the next step is to set up your curtain track. Adding more light to the room might be possible by running your curtains beyond the window. Your curtain track must be placed above the window recess to work correctly.

Bay windows can be treated by hanging curtains with a flexible track. There is a possibility that the screws are not long enough to hold the way firmly in place. If you have a sound wooden ceiling, you can install the track by using longer screws.

Make sure the curtain track is the right length

A long curtain track is needed if you have a large or heavy window compared to lightweight curtains. Please use a fine-tooth hacksaw to cut the curtain track once you know its length.

Mark the vertical edge of the window recess with a 25-mm interval after placing the bracket for the first 25mm of its length. At the other end, mark equal distances between the bracket placements. Make sure the markings are perfectly level with a long spirit level.

Curtain pole installation

There are several options for curtain poles, including wood, plastic, and metal, and this choice makes them a more stylish addition to your curtains. Fabric rings or loops, or metal eyelets hold your curtains in place. There are some curtain poles that can be adjusted in length. Fine-tooth hacksaws can be used to cut others.

If you want your curtains to completely cover your windows and blinds, the curtain pole end brackets should be at least 50 mm from the recess ends.

Mark the placement of these two brackets and check their level with a spirit level.

Curtain Hemming

The best tip on how to put curtains over blinds is not to throw away your existing curtains just because they are not the right length. The iron-on hem can be used to fix their size without needing a sewing machine. As curtain fabric shrinks a little, you should wash your curtains before hemming them.

If you want your curtains long, you need to know how long they should be. Consider the style and fit of the curtains after measuring the drop from the curtain track or pole.

Then, lay your curtain down and look at the reverse side after determining the desired length. The drop length should be increased by 100 mm to accommodate the hem. The fabric should be marked with a pencil or chalk at this point. Draw a line for cutting with the help of a long ruler. After double-checking the measurements, use your sharpest scissors to trim off any excess fabric.

Make sure your iron is preheated to a temperature suitable for polyester or wool. The curtain needs to be folded 50 mm from the bottom end while you are still facing the reverse side. The fabric should be folded another 50 mm, and pins should be used to hold it in place.

Create a crisp crease by ironing along the folds. Place the adhesive strip inside the fold adjacent to the crease after removing the pins. This should be done along the entire length of the curtain. Once the excess strip has been cut off, the process is complete.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to hang curtains over blinds?

When curtains are hung over blinds, your windows will appear more elegant and sophisticated since blinds alone can look cold or unfinished. In some cases, curtains can provide enough privacy or light control on their own, while in others you may need to add extra privacy or light control.

Are there any curtains that go well with blinds?

If you want to frame your windows or blinds nicely, you can add long curtains or drapes. The curtain can also prevent the blinds from getting tangled if hung above the window frame. This will be helpful if you want to block out light or close the curtains for privacy.

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