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Today’s post is about how companies reward their employees through these experiences, these non-economic remunerations but with high motivational power and union between employee-employer.              

Who does not like to travel?

There are infinite types of trips for all tastes and pockets during the 365 days of the year. But what is common to all of them is what you seek when making them; live, experience new things, feel the world at your feet, leave your mind blank, get rid of the worries of daily life and feel life beating in every pore of your skin.

Absorb the culture of different people and places, savour the unique gastronomy of each place, and let yourself be enveloped by the beautiful atmosphere created from what is unknown to us but doubly attractive and exciting for that reason. In a nutshell, enrich your soul and heal your mind.

You will be able to live an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, and you will also feel that incredible feeling of pride and satisfaction that means that they recognize your value as a worker and a person.

The beginning of incentive trips.

Incentive trips as such began with a single objective; rewarding the workers with a business template after the good results obtained in the working year.

Let’s call it “reward” for a good performance that has led to an upward economic growth of the business.

The main objective of corporate incentive travel companies when rewarding their workers with an incentive trip continues to be the concept of “reward”, of “thank you”.

But this objective has been joined by other new ones, such as using these trips as a powerful motivation tool for its employees.

This formula is not something new either. Well, this is the same, only that the consequences of motivating a worker to embroider his work can mean a huge increase in productivity and work performance that leads the employer to obtain excellent and growing financial results.

Corporate incentive travel can greatly motivate workers by seeing their work rewarded, creating a much more lasting memory.

The motivation factor of your workforce is a vital sales force for the business, so investing in this type of travel is entirely profitable for the company:

Benefits for the entire company.

Another benefit that companies get by rewarding their workers with incentive trips, a great marketing strategy, is the powerful improvement in their brand image from the point of view of customers and society.

When workers know that the reward for doing their job well will be travel, they are motivated and increase their effort to the maximum to achieve a global improvement in business performance and productivity as a whole.

Convey the idea of ​​rewarding your employees with fantastic rewards, which makes them think that your company is doing well, that you are involved with your employees, and that you pamper them and care about their well-being, loyalty and happiness. Come on, anyone would love to work in your company.

They are strengthening personal relationships—a better work environment.

In addition to all these benefits that they discussed externally and at the motivational level of the work that leads to an improvement in performance internally, there is the factor of fostering relationships between staff.

Carrying out a trip with other people strengthens ties between the participants since many activities are carried out together.

You could call them “team building” activities, with which incentive travel planners get their workers to, enhance their teamwork skills and improve their relationships with colleagues significantly.

How do you organize your incentive trip?

All this can start by calling the employees of your workspace to a meeting to tell them about your idea of ​​taking a trip together.

Sitting at the table, you can begin to establish the guidelines of the trip: in which hotels you can stay, which restaurants have the best recommendations, which visits are essential and, why not, where are the famous areas of ​​bars to go Saturday night to have some fun?

In truth, having a team of happy workers who appreciate each other means enormous synergy for the company since this will imply loyalty of the worker towards the business. Since he feels comfortable within the company, has bonds of friendship with their colleagues and is also motivation to carry out their work to the best of their ability.

In short, Incentive travel programs will translate into incredible improvements in the business results as a consequence of the motivation created, the facilitation of establishing ties between the workers who trust their stay in your company and the improvement in the corporate image of the business in society.

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