Cost of developing a food delivery app

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If all these questions seem to trouble you too, then this article is for you. These days food delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber eats have become extremely popular as people prefer to eat in the comfort of their homes without waiting for a long time in queues. Especially, after the pandemic, the earnings of these food delivery apps have increased significantly.

The main reason why these apps are so trending is that people can now access the food they want from the comfort of their homes without things like traffic or the weather bothering them. These kinds of apps are hence to stay in profitable business for a long time. Among these Doordash is rated one of the top food delivery app, highly preferred by customers, which makes us wonder how much one needs to invest with an app development company in order to build something similar.

So without further ado, let us get into how things work in the field of food delivery apps.

How do food delivery apps work?

App developers usually find customizing delivery apps quite easy. But, the user interface is what takes a lot of time. It is a big task to make a user interface that is highly attractive and easy to use for customers. Hence, the front-end portion might take a while to be made by the app development company. Food delivery apps work in three main phases. They are:
1. Delivery to the customer
2. Taking the food from the restaurant
3. The delivery end of that food

The parts that need to be included in the app by the app developers are as follows:
1. User interface of  that application
2. The main admin panel
3. Restaurant management for orders
4. Delivery service tracking and management
Now, let us get into each of these in detail.

The specifications of all the main parts of the apps are as follows:

1. The user interface

This is the part of the app that the user will interact with. The user interface is the highlight and face of the app and app developers make sure to inculcate as much as hooking mechanisms on these as possible. The users get all of the information from this panel like the list of available restaurants, the food ratings, the menu cards, and the total bill of the food that they have placed an order for. These need to be highly functional as it determines the profit ratio for that company. It is the part of the app that collects the data and sends it to the database for further tasks. Top app development companies include the following functionalities to make the app perform better:
●     Live tracking with GPS of the food that has been ordered
●     Management of the orders given
●     Food review and a customer rating for that restaurant
●     A customer profile that has the details of that customer
●     A tracking system for the previous order that helps with further suggestions
●     Notification of the deals and special discounts that are timely
The cost food delivery app with such a user interface usually ranges from 10K to 13K USD. This is just an estimate and can change according to your customization.

2. User Information Dash Panel

This panel consists of all the order details and user details. It can also include any specifications mentioned by the customer. It includes details like the location of the restaurant, the type of payment opted for, ratings of the delivery man, and the status of the food being delivered. The cost of development taken by app development companies can range from 12k to 16k USD.

3. Restaurant side management panel

This panel includes things that have information specific to the restaurant. This can include the menu customized by that restaurant, the number of orders placed, the location for delivery, the reviews given by the customers, and the payment option chosen by the customer. The restricted management side must be highly efficient as this determines the success rate of that app can affect the goodwill of both the app development company as well as the restaurant if the service is poor.

4.   Delivery tracking and management

This is the panel that is accessible by the delivery man. It includes various functionalities included by the app developers like real-time location tracking of that device, where to pick up the food from, the delivery address, and the payment that needs to be collected. The cost of development for such a panel ranges from 10k to 12k depending upon the kind of functionalities you choose for your app.

Features that impact the cost of development

There are numerous factors that are charged individuals in mobile app development companies. Each of these impacts the total cost and should be calculated and managed with your budget. The list is as follows:
●     Location access and real-time tracking
●     The user interface of that app
●     Functionalities included in that app
●     The type of app development method: Clone development or custom app development
●     Platforms that the app will be compatible with like Android, Windows, iOS, or Linux.
All these can round up to 25k to 80k USD. This cost will also depend upon the backend team, the frontend team, and the management team that you will hire.


These days food delivery apps have become extremely popular due to the convenience that they offer. People prefer to use such apps to avoid queues. So, how much does it cost to build an app like Doordash? Well, the answer depends wholly upon the functionalities that you choose to include in your app The more customized you make it, the more a top app development company will charge you. But one thing is certain the more you customize it, the more people will like it and increase your user interaction.