Comparing Back to Wall Toilets with Close Coupled Toilets – Which One is Better?

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Building a new bathroom or planning a remodel for an older one, is nothing like it used to be back in the days. In fact, general bathroom amenities like bathtubs and toilets that we took for granted need just as much consideration today as other important amenities.

Unlike vanity units and shower enclosures, toilets normally have limited types with a special focus on wall hung toilet, back to wall toilets and close coupled toilets. Although the limited options make decisions a lot easier, you can’t just select one at the top of your mind. Apart from the aesthetic style, make sure you consider the functionality and durability of the toilets you are going to choose.

Let’s unfold everything about back to wall and close coupled toilets; why they are ranked higher in terms of popularity? and what is the right option for you?

Close Coupled Toilets

Not sure, if it’s the elegant style or expansive utility that has pushed close coupled toilets towards a wide adoption rate in the UK. The toilet bowl is attached to a cistern that works as a cloak, hiding all the nitty-gritty pipework inside the casing

Close Coupled Toilets

The cistern creates an overall protruding look making close coupled toilets a feasible option for spacious bathroom spaces. Not to mention, these toilets present zero hassle when installing and can almost fit in any bathroom layout design. Close coupled toilets are featured in an extensive range of prices starting as low as 50 £to hefty luxury units costing up to 500 £. However, most standard close coupled toilet will cost you around 100 £. You can expect the total unit and installation costs around 200£ to 250£. Considering the overall costs, it may be most economical option in terms of unit price, cost of installation and maintenance.

Back to Wall Toilets

While closed coupled toilets are intended for roomy spaces, back to wall toilets serve a better purpose in congested bathrooms. Unlike its counterpart, these toilets have a detached cistern that is concealed in the wall, or the vanity unit to the toilet is attached. Since the toilet is attached to the wall – hence the name ‘back to wall’ – it creates a compact outlook best suited for smaller bathrooms.

Back to wall toilets are preferred by people who are looking for space-saving designs that keep the bathroom neat, tidy, and clutter-free. However, unlike their counterparts, these toilets are relatively difficult to install since most of half of the unit is mounted inside the wall or unit. However, they are a cheaper substitute to close coupled toilets even though the cistern is sold separately. With both toilet bowl and cistern purchased as separate units, you have lot of freedom of choice on the type of bowl you want to fit in. You generally have two option when it comes to cistern, the one that can fits inside the wall (that is completely hidden unit). The second option is WC furniture unit which has cistern fitting inside with furniture unit with a bowl fitting at one side.

Which One is Better?

To be honest, there are no set metrics that place one toilet over the other, it depends on your bathroom layout, mode of use, and preferred aesthetics. If you have a spacious bathroom with no restrictions to layout or design, close-coupled toilets would serve the purpose. 

On the other hand, if you want a toilet that’s sleek, compact, and stylish at the same time and can comfortably fit in congested spaces, back to wall toilets would be a better fit. Regardless, of what option you choose, make sure you keep the theme and layout design of your bathroom to create a uniform look with your toilet.

If keep the unit price and the cost of installation in mind, then a close coupled toilet is relatively cheaper option. It is easier to install and maintain. Therefore any one with limited budget in mind should opt for this style.

Final Thoughts.

Both close coupled toilets and a Back to Wall Toilets are a great option in their ways. Where a close coupled is a common type that you are most used to see bathrooms in the UK, a back to wall is relatively modern with completely concealed cistern. Whether you install it by concealing it inside the wall or WC unit, it can be preference for a modern or small bathroom. A close coupled toilet on the other is a great option if you don’t want to bring a lot of change in the type of toilet you are used too. Modern close coupled designs are also available in various shapes like square to round that can be a perfect choice for contemporary bathroom. For a small spaces you can opt for a short projection close coupled toilet.

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