Common Myths and Facts About ABA Therapy

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Behavioral, communication, and social skills building is one of the most crucial steps in children’s growth. The reason is that these skills help the child to understand and respond to different activities, actions, and changes happening around them. However, some children face difficulties in learning these skills due to some mental disorders such as ASD, dementia, anxiety, and other emotional disabilities.

Various methods and techniques are used to treat mental disorders in children. But the most effective and commonly adapted treatment is ABA therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other states of the world. It includes all aspects of mental disorders and helps patients to learn all social, behavioral, or emotional skills which are crucial to living a normal life. 

What is ABA Therapy? 

ABA therapy is a process of developing social, behavioral, living, play, and emotional skills in special persons or children. It uses various techniques and tricks to encourage the victims to adapt to a particular behavior. Moreover,  it also plays a crucial role in the reduction of side effects of autism and other mental disorders in both adults and children.

It was introduced by psychiatrists about 100 years ago as an effective treatment to treat autism patients. However, it also proved to be effective for the treatment of anxiety, phobias, depression, and emotional disorders. 

Common Myths and Facts about ABA 

Just like other diseases and their treatments, ABA therapy also has some very common myths related to it. Though these misconceptions have nothing to do with reality, it’s quite important to have a complete awareness of these myths and facts. It will not only help you to avoid believing in misconceptions but will also enable you to make the right decision for the immediate treatment of your children’s psychiatric disorders. 

You can explore here the most familiar myths associated with ABA therapy. 

ABA is a New Treatment Without Scientific Approval 

The invention of different techniques, technologies, and treatments in the medical world is a common practice. However, people take time to trust a new procedure, treatment or medicine. Therefore, most people are doubting the effectiveness and durability of ABA therapy because they consider it a new treatment that has no scientific basis. It’s just a misconception. 

Around 100 years back, ABA therapy was introduced by psychiatrists. However, it peaked in the late 1960s. Moreover, it is also approved by international mental health organizations based on experiments and evidence. Therefore, well-known psychiatry services such as Camali clinic used this therapy to treat different psychiatric disorders in children and help them to grow like normal individuals. 

ABA Therapy Only treats ASD 

ASD is the abbreviation for autism spectrum disorder. It is a developmental disability in children which inhibits their learning skills. And ABA therapy is one of the best treatments to cure or reduce the impacts of ASD on children’s lives. However, believing that ABA is only used to treat ASD is a myth or misconception. 

ABA is quite effective to treat ASD victims but it is also used to treat certain other problems or psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression.  

One Method For All 

Another myth about ABA therapy is that it used similar methods to treat all types of patients. It’s not true because it’s working with learning skills. And everyone has different learning abilities and natures. Therefore, ABA uses a variety of methods or techniques to help mentally disabled patients in learning essential life skills.   

ABA is Robotic 

Most people believe the myth that ABA is a bit robotic and helps children to learn a single way to respond. It’s not true. ABA therapists use different ways to minimize the impact of mental disability and provide them with multiple ways to adapt to a single behavior.

ABA only Focuses on Behaviors 

Another common myth about ABA is that it only focuses on behavior development. While ABA mainly focuses on skills building and helping mentally disabled children enjoy the colors of life like normal kids. It helps them to learn 

  • Social skills 
  • Behavioral skills 
  • Playing skills 
  • Learning skills 
  • Eating and sitting manners 

Bottom Line 

ABA therapy is an effective treatment that is used to cure multiple disorders in children. However, some myths about this well-known treatment are also part of gossip at both local and international levels.

By going through the aforementioned guide, one can easily draw a line between myths and facts about applied behavioral analysis therapy. And decided whether to go for this treatment or not.

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