Commercial Restaurant Cutlery Tips You Must Know In 2023

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A restaurant is a doorway to the world of exotic foods that get ready in no time. From irresistible cuisine to impeccable interiors, there is nothing worth compromising if you are serious about your food business. So, if you are nervous and excited to start a new restaurant, this blog is just what you need right now.  

So, pay close attention to the details. Restaurant owners often ignore the most crucial aspect of their business – the cutlery. It may sound like a “no big deal” affair, but the wrong set of cutlery has the potential to drive people and businesses away and may never come back. Let’s discuss the top things to keep in mind while buying the best kitchen cutlery for your new restaurant.  

Top things to consider while buying restaurant’s best kitchen cutlery

Although it may seem like a small, less important element in your restaurant, the chefs understand how working with quality knives and utensils make a significant difference in preparing delicious dishes. Having nice, and durable silverware for your customers create a positive impact on their overall restaurant food experience. Here are a few things to consider while buying cutlery for your restaurant.  

Analyze your food menu

Forks, kitchen knife sets, and spoons are some of the usual pieces of silverware set required for every guest, but there are certain dishes that demand a different set of cutleries. From dessert spoons and steak knives to bread knives, take your time to understand your menu and choose the cutlery accordingly.

Get the right knives for the right job

While buying kitchen knife sets for your commercial kitchen, ensure you have all the right knives for different kinds of cooking and food preparation methods. Take assistance for your chefs and make sure they have what they need to prepare the food perfectly. From the size of the kitchen knife and type of the blade to handles and thickness of the blade, keep every factor in check.  

Do not cut the corners

Always look out for high-quality and durable cutlery that stands up to your restaurant’s needs, interior, and standards. Otherwise, you may end up replacing them every now and then. It is advisable to buy your cutlery at a restaurant supply store in the USA like Jean’s RS to find great deals on high-quality kitchen equipment and products.  

Stainless steel at your rescue

Many restaurants opt for stainless steel cutlery, for its durability and easy-to-clean features. The most demanded grade used in restaurants is 18/10, which features 18 parts nickel and 10 parts chromium. For instance, our Acero 7-piece cutlery set plus bonus shears are highly forged and well balanced to offer a distributed weight and robust grip.  

Unique functionalities

While selecting your knives and utensils, make sure you think about how practically they can come to use. Is it safe to hold and use? Is it durable and easy to clean? Make sure you find the right balance between style and comfort for great results.  

Try before you buy

Avoid buying any piece of cutlery without a hands-on demonstration. Visit in person and check how it looks and feels in your hand before you decide on stocking the entire restaurant with an imperfect cutlery set.

Understand your customers

Is your restaurant family-centric with a lot of kids? Do you get customers with a large number of seniors? Understanding the genre of your customers can help you shortlist the type of cutlery that compliments your restaurant.

Save money with used cutlery sets  

If your restaurant is new, and you don’t have enough budget on spending lavish items to give your food court a rich look, try consulting Jean’s RS. We offer a wide range of used restaurant equipment for rock-bottom prices. You can get all the items at a fraction of the price it will cost you while buying a brand-new set.  


At first, everything may seem chaotic in a new restaurant business, but with the right choices and good restaurant kitchen equipment, it gets easier to manage the entire process.  

Shopping at our restaurant supply store in the USA, you can get everything your restaurant wants under one roof, which solves your cutlery problems too.  

Browse through our wide product range or connect with our experts who can give you professional assistance in simplifying your restaurant work operations.  

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