A Comprehensive Guide About What Are The Main Causes of Ceiling Fan Clicking?

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Have you ever encountered an electric ceiling fan that made weird clicking or rattling noises? Perhaps it is swaying as it turns? Ceiling fans can be an excellent feature in every home or apartment.

What are the main causes of ceiling fans clicking?

There are several possibilities for why a ceiling might begin to make clicking sounds. These include these:

  • Loose blade screws.
  • The canopy was screwed too firmly.
  • The hanging bracket has become loose.
  • Wires that come into direct contact with motors.

Sure of these issues can be addressed within minutes, whereas others might require more complex repairs. Let’s review how to diagnose and fix each.

Blades that are loose to iron screws

The majority of ceiling fans have three to four screws of a medium size that are responsible for securing the fan’s blades to the iron of the blade. If any of the screws are loose, the blade can spin when the fan spins (sometimes known as “blade tick”). The issue is easy to correct. It is as easy as grabbing an extension ladder and inspecting your ceiling fan’s top blade. of the ceiling fan. From this perspective, you will see the blade screws just next to the housing of your motor. The screws were hidden behind the lighting fixture.

Canopy causing clicking

If you own a download mounted fan, the canopy may be causing the noise by being hit by the ceiling. Then, lower it to ensure it is on the housing of your motor. Switch on the ceiling fan, and if you hear a clicking sound that doesn’t appear present, you’ve located the cause of the problem. Once you have put the canopy back on, make sure you tighten the screws so that the canopy remains loose. This will stop it from hitting on the ceiling).

The hanging bracket is loose

A loose bracket for hanging could be why the ceiling fan you are using is not working. Please put your hands on the bracket that hangs from it, and then try moving the bracket from one side to another. If your bracket becomes not secure, it will start to sway when you move it. 

Electrical wires connected to the motor

If the small wires aren’t correctly placed within the electrical box and the bracket for hanging, it can result in the sound of clicking when they strike at the very top of the motor or screw. The clicking is usually observed at the end of every full blades turn. To determine if this is the problem with your fan, begin by removing all the blades and screws from the fan’s motor (it’s generally just two screws per blade). 

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In this stage, you should be able to observe the top area of the motor and any electrical wiring near or indirect contact. If you find wiring that can be seen too closely or in close contact with the motor, make sure to place it into the tiny gap between your ceiling and hanger bracket and keep it away.

Why does your fan make strange noises?

If a ceiling fan emits the sound of a rattle typically, it means that something in the fan’s structure is loose and must be adjusted. This is especially important to fix as quickly as possible since it could be a safety risk. These are the most frequent noise sources that rumble emanates from ceiling fans.

Why does my fan make a strange noise?

The light fixture is not locked

Nowadays, the majority of ceiling fans that are used in homes contain light fixtures. The fixture may get loose as time passes, mainly if the fan is often used or old. If you hear a rattling sound emanating from your fan, make sure you inspect every one of the light fixture parts.

Assembly screws are loose

Those screws that attach the ceiling to the fan or the screws that connect the blades to the motor. This can be easily fixed by simply checking to fix the screw using the help of a screwdriver (be sure that you tighten the screws as tightly as you can). If you’re unsure, which parts are situated on the fan, locate this information in the manual for instruction.

What is the reason for the fan’s scraping noise?

If your ceiling fan makes a scratching on grinding sound, it is likely to be due to two primary causes. One is that the motor’s bearings have gone poorly, and the second reason is that the irons on the blade start to scratch against the motor as the fan goes through its rotation.

Bad motor bearings

But, this is often one quick fix since the rattling sound is likely to be back in a couple of weeks if the fan is old. If the bearings are at this point on older models typically, it’s because the fan’s ceiling has been through its pace and requires to be replaced.

Blade irons or off-center motors

It is possible to determine if this is the cause of the issue by tightening the screws on the blade irons. After tightening them, should you hear an ear-piercing sound may be the case that the fan’s motor has been moved off-center from the housing?

How do I stop my ceiling fan from clicking?

If your ceiling fan is clicking, it could be due to various reasons, including loose blades, a worn-out motor bearing, or an imbalanced fan. Here are some steps you can take to stop the clicking noise:

  • Tighten the Blades: If the clicking noise comes from the blades, they will likely become loose over time. Tighten each blade by screwing it into place more securely.
  • Check the Motor Bearings: If the clicking noise comes from the motor, it may be that the bearings have worn out. You can try oiling the bearings with a few drops of machine oil. If the bearings are still worn, they may need to be replaced.
  • Balance the Fan: An imbalanced fan can cause clicking noises and vibrations. To balance the fan, you can use a ceiling fan balancing kit, which usually comes with weights to attach to the blades.
  • Replace Worn-Out Parts: If the clicking noise persists after tightening the blades, checking the motor bearings, and balancing the fan, it may be time to replace some worn-out parts. This could include the motor, blades, or ceiling fan.


This article is expected to give you enough details about the main reason for ceiling fan clicking. Always consult a licensed electrician when you’re not confident in fixing a ceiling yourself.

One or perhaps more loosened fan blades might be the cause of a ceiling fan clicking. Usually, this is simple to correct. The screws here on blade, which are frequently found close towards the fan motor, only need to be tightened. Additionally, make sure the screws holding the light fixture in place are secure.


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